What to Expect in Rehab Delray Beach, FL

Drug or alcohol rehabilitation are alternate terms for any kind of substance abuse treatment or treatment given to anyone struggling with drug, medication, or alcohol-related issues. Although millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse, many, many people are not currently seeking aid or receiving the necessary care required for substance abuse cessation. Enrolling in a suitable Delray Beach rehab facility can provide a wide range of critically important benefits.

Addiction Prevention

One of the most common misconceptions regarding rehab treatment is that someone can only enroll if they have diagnosable symptoms of addiction. However, this just isn’t the case. If you or a loved one feels the need to seek out professional help for addiction, there are early treatment options. The most common implementation of early treatment is known as SBIRT.

SBIRT is a three-step progressive program which gets its name from:

  • Screening: medical assessment of the patient for substance abuse behavior and use
  • Brief intervention: a brief conversation with the patient regarding potential use and risky behavior patterns
  • Referral to Treatment: professional guidance for therapy and/or additional treatment

The evidence-based evaluation can take place in various medical or professional settings: clinics, doctor’s offices, or emergency rooms. A timely enrollment in any addiction treatment program can help stop anyone from sliding into uncontrolled substance abuse which leads to addiction. Early treatment can also help pick up on any underlying mental health disorders that may be present

Treatment for Withdrawal Symptoms

Anyone attempting to abruptly halt their drug or alcohol use can expect to experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. When substance abuse comes to an end, the body must adjust to the lack of substance consumption. However, there are two primary problems related to these symptoms: potentially life-threatening issues and relapse

It is important that when withdrawal symptoms occur that you are at a place where you can be monitored and be given the necessary medications and care to help prevent complications and dangerous situations that can result from cessation. Trained medical professionals at the rehab program in Delray Beach Florida work to minimize the overall impact of withdrawal symptoms and help reduce the urge to relapse

MAT Treatment

The benefit of a rehab facility trained to treat withdrawal symptoms and substance addiction is the access to a wide range of supportive medication. Most of these medications will help offset withdrawal symptoms while others may help those recently achieving sobriety remain drug-free. Throughout the course of our treatment programs, we utilize a form of treatment called medication-assisted treatment. 

Medical professionals working in a properly run rehab facility possess detailed knowledge on which medications are best to use in which circumstances. These same care-takers are well versed in the appropriate administration of effective dosages and the monitoring of each client for potential side effects.


One of the most important parts of your recovery is psycho and behavioral therapy. Both psychotherapy and behavior therapy are considered firm, established tools in drug addiction treatment. Medication is only one tool that can aid in your recovery, but we believe it is not enough to provide a sustained, long-term recovery. 

As a part of our inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, we offer a variety of therapy services for our clients. These include:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Substance abuse therapy
  • Individual and group therapy

In addition to these offerings, we also offer a variety of services to those who are currently enrolled and those who would like

 continued care after they have completed treatment. These can include:

  • Access to financial or legal help
  • Access to vocational or educational services
  • Access to a peer-directed self-help group
  • Case management assistance
  • Access to family and child care services

When available, these additional services can greatly increase the odds of success during an active program as well as during the weeks, months, or years following treatment.

How to Seek the Best Treatment Facility?

It can be difficult to figure out which option is best for your concerning substance abuse and addiction treatment. Transformations Treatment Center of Delray Beach, FL specializes in full-spectrum, holistic care, and treatment that addresses the specific and unique needs of each of our clients. We desire for you to experience the healing of the mind, body, and spirit

We searching for a rehabilitation facility, consider whether or not they offer these key factors for successful recovery and sobriety – do they:

  • Offer addiction prevention programs
  • Withdrawal treatment 
  • Offer access to therapy and counseling
  • Offer personalized treatment
  • Give additional aid and treatment to prevent relapse

All of these factors play a significant role in your rehabilitation process and experience. Enrolling in a program where you feel safe and cared for in the best and more personal ways is important for your recovery.

If you have any questions or desire to know more about Transformations Treatment Center, Delray Beach, FL, contact us today and let us know how we may serve you.

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