Mental Health Awareness

If you or a loved one is facing mental health challenges, explore our personalized and diverse therapy options tailored to your needs.


Serving Those Who Protect

The Help For Our Heroes Program was created in 2017 by military veterans and first responders who understand the unique challenges faced by those who served.

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Evolv Into Mental Wellness

Discover how our Evolv Wellness program utilizes exposure to nature and adventure therapy to help individuals overcome mental health challenges.

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Change The Soundtrack of Your Life

Our mission is to help individuals change their lives from one of addiction and isolation to one of recovery, expression, and collaboration.

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Mapping the Brain for Recovery

 Neurotherapy provides a non-invasive method to alleviate negative symptoms that come with mental health disorders, addiction, and withdrawal.

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Mental Health Resource Hub

Welcome to Transformations Treatment Centers' Mental Health Resource Hub! Enjoy our resource page enriched with valuable content designed to educate, inspire, and uplift. Together, we can make a difference and ignite positive change of transformation, healing, and hope.

Our Mental Health Programs

Help For Our Heroes

Help For Our Heroes program was developed BY veterans and first responders FOR veterans and first responders. This award-winning initiative offers vital support to those who served. Dive into our video to discover how we're making a difference!

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This program equips participants with effective stress management and coping skills and provides therapeutic interventions to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It includes various therapies, such as accelerated resolution therapy (ART), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Evolv Adventure Therapy

Evolv Adventure Therapy offers a holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment, utilizing evidence-based therapies and outdoor activities to improve well-being and calm. This approach to therapy is based on the idea that nature has inherent healing properties. Each natural element, from sunlight to grass to water, provides its own benefits.

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Participants in this adventure therapy utilize a blend of physical strength and mental agility to complete each activity while simultaneously developing confidence and interpersonal skills. Each activity is customized to cater to the needs of each participant, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate and enjoy the experience.
Evolv Adventure Therapy includes the following therapeutic activities:

  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Rock climbing
  • Snorkeling
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Sunrise meditation
  • Sea turtle rehab visits

SoundPath Music Therapy

SoundPath (our music therapy program) is a therapeutic practice used since ancient times. It involves using sound and frequency to help the body heal naturally. When combined with evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), sound therapy can be particularly beneficial in treating anxiety and addiction.

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This program is designed to motivate participants to complete their regular therapy assignments. Once they finish their assignments, they can write and record music in a real music studio with high-quality equipment. Additionally, they will have the chance to showcase their song during a SoundPath talent show. This program demonstrates to participants what they can accomplish when they get creative and push beyond their limits.


Neurotherapy is a type of biofeedback that uses EEG brainwaves to gain an understanding of the brain. These brainwaves are analyzed to create a brain map, which therapists and clients can use to identify negative thought patterns and behaviors. Additionally, it can detect underlying issues such as learning difficulties, unresolved traumatic stress, head injuries, and emotional disorders. This therapy consists of several stages, starting with an initial assessment and concluding with treatment.

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These stages include :

  • Creating a brain map using an EEG recording and administering a written psychological test.
  • Meeting with a neurotherapist to review the EEG results and develop a treatment plan together.
  • Receiving a non-invasive 15 to 20-minute session of post-electromagnetic field stimulation (PEMF) on a bioacoustics bed. (As clinically recommended per week.)
  • Receiving a follow-up EEG to check for changes in the brain that indicate a need to update the treatment plan.

How to Get Mental Health Help

Mental health issues might be more common than you think. Almost 1 in 5 Americans will struggle with some kind of mental health issue in their lifetime. There is no shame in recognizing that you need help and most people can not do it alone. Fortunately, you will not be alone at Transformations. The right treatment programs and the proper support can help you or your loved ones make a lasting recovery.

At our mental health treatment facility, we offer a wide variety of treatment options and mental health programs. Make a confidential call today at (844) 770-0165 and speak to a mental health professional or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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