At Transformations, our treatment for substance abuse and mental health is all-inclusive. We want to help you heal your WHOLE SELF; body AND brain. 

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This treatment service:

  • Empowers clients to regulate their own brain activity
  • Identifies a source of unwanted patterns or behaviors/thinking
  • Completely non-invasive / pain free
  • State-of-the-art-technology to help coach the brain to optimal functioning

Neurotherapy (a type of biofeedback) is a general term for the integrated use of traditional EEG brain waves to create a map of the brain that can help a client identify and change behaviors and thoughts. Neurotherapy uses an individualized treatment plan developed through specialized assessments for clients struggling with addiction or mental health symptoms.

EEG brain mapping can identify things such as undetected head injuries, underlying learning problems, or unresolved traumatic stress and emotional difficulties, all of which significantly impact addiction and mental health.  There are no serious side effects to this type of treatment and many have a high level of positive outcomes.

Neurotherapy consists of an assessment phase and a treatment phase:

  • Assessment creates a “brain map” (an EEG recording of your brain) and psychological testing (a written test) which takes less than an hour.
  • Clients then meet with a Neurotherapist to discuss results and create a treatment plan to focus on the areas and symptoms each client wants to work on.
  • Treatment consists of 15-20 minutes of pulsed electromagnetic Field stimulation (pEMF) on a bioacoustics bed several times per week, as clinically recommended. pEMF is not something that the individual can feel physically. Each treatment plan is unique and uses the results from your brain map as a “guide”.
  • Each client is “re-mapped” to check progress and to change their treatment plan if necessary.
  • At discharge, a Neurotherapist reviews the results and makes recommendations for any ongoing or follow up care.

Transformations Treatment Center offers a Neurotherapy treatment service that empowers clients to ‘regulate’ their own brain activity by identifying the physiological source of unwanted patterns of behaviors or thinking.  The program is completely non-invasive and clients utilize state-of-the-art technology to coach their brains to their optimal functioning.