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Benzo Overdose: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Treatment Options

Benzo Overdose- Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Treatment Options If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms or seizures, you may have been prescribed a class of medication known as benzodiazepines or “benzos.” You might wonder what benzodiazepines are, how benzos work, and what the side effects are. Plus, you might have…

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I Never Knew Addiction Affected My Life

I was raised in a stable safe home, by a single mother that often struggled to make ends meet.

We didn’t have a lot but we always had each other and I always knew I was loved, a lot.  My parents ended their very short lived marriage by the time

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Jamestown, NY: Inaccuracy of Drug Overdose Statistics and the Lack of Funding for Recovery Resources

In cases of drug overdose fatalities, death certificates can fail to cite the correct cause of death. Why is this a problem? The accurate classification of overdoses is important when it comes to determining the distribution of limited state and fede

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Drug Overdoses and the Good Samaritan Act

In 2016, over 64,000 Americans lost their lives due to a drug overdose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the highest increase was among synthetic opioids, with over 20,000 deaths attributed to fentanyl and fentanyl a

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The Tale of the Deadly Sweet Tooth

Imagine a world where sugar is outlawed. Fruits, veggies, pastas, poultry and seafood rule the land. 

Only sugar junkies, sweet treat fiends and cake addicts do sugar. They live in dark dingy alley ways near dumpsters, some live in those nasty “s

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Children of Addicts

Who are the true victims of the addiction epidemic? Are they the addicts overdosing in their cars while being broadcast live on social media for the entire world to see- or are they the children in the car seats sitting behind them, crying?

Are th

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This Is What It Takes To Be Okay

By Chanda Lynn – Recovery Advocate for Transformations

It’s 1 a.m. I am sitting in a hospital bed, smacking myself in the face and roughly scraping underneath my eyes to give my face the appearance of distress and pain. It works- the doctor come

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