Breathe to Heal

By: Lisa Blomgren, Alumni Coordinator In Max Strom’s video, “Breathe to Heal,” he discusses the importance of breathwork and the extensive scientific research that backs its powerful impact. Breathwork has been proven to have intense physiological effects. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and sleep disturbances. It can improve one’s immune functioning and…

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Alumni Spotlight1

Section Yellow

By: Ruth F., Transformations Alumna ‘What do I do for FUN in sobriety?!’ ‘Does getting sober mean I can’t go to places or do the things I loved anymore?!?’ These were some of the questions I asked myself and others when I first got sober, and after almost four years sober, I still get asked…

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By: Mike Murphy, Manager of Alumni Services One of the questions I get asked most by people, whether in recovery or not, is “What keeps you going?” For the first year or so, my answers would be all over the place. After all, I did learn a plethora of tools to use while I was…

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what is group therapy

What Is Group Therapy Like?

What Is Group Therapy Like? Mental health issues like depression and substance abuse have become common in society. These issues can affect your quality of life and how you relate to others. For this reason, you need to seek help through psychotherapy. Psychotherapy comes with various options, including group therapy. Group therapy can help you…

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what to expect in rehab

What To Expect In Rehab

What To Expect in Rehab After a person struggling with substance abuse realizes that they need to seek professional treatment, their minds often race with endless questions and concerns. Entering a rehab center can be intimidating, especially for those who have never received treatment in a clinical setting before. A lot of the concern surrounding…

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how to have fun sober

Sober Curiosity: How to Enjoy Yourself Without Drinking

Sober Curiosity: How to Enjoy Yourself Without Drinking The idea behind sober curiosity is simple: A person will stop drinking for a time. There are many reasons one may choose to become sober curious, even if it is temporary. A person may decide that they want the physical benefits of ceasing alcohol, or they may…

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what is alumni

What is Alumni and Aftercare?

What Are Alumni and Aftercare? Substance abuse and addiction treatment involve a number of services and interventions. It can be helpful to think of substance use disorder treatment on a continuum that doesn’t necessarily have a finite end. If you are thinking about seeking help to end an addiction, you will most likely start with…

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what if i dont like rehab

What if I don’t like rehab?

You Hate Rehab? Here’s what to Do To Achieve Your Addiction Recovery Goal Alcohol and substance abuse and addiction are common problems worldwide. According to statistics, 50% of the world’s population aged 12 years and above have indulged in illicit drug use at least once in their lifetime.1 Similarly, up to 3.8% struggle with addiction, while…

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why is getting treatment important

Cocaine and Depression: Why Getting Treatment is Important

Cocaine and Depression: Why Getting Treatment Is Important Living with depression or cocaine addiction is debilitating. However, when you’re struggling with both, each day can seem beyond overwhelming. You can feel as though there’s no escape — but there is. Substance abuse and depression often go hand-in-hand. Co-occurring conditions may include cocaine use disorder and…

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