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Alumni Program

Our Alumni Department is here to help clients stay in recovery for a lifetime.

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We’re Here For You

Each one of our team members knows what you’re going through.
They care deeply about you achieving success with your sobriety and will do everything within their power to help.
And that includes answering the phone 24/7 when you need to talk.


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Follow Up

The week before leaving Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, clients attend a group called Alumni 101. Clients meet one of the alumni coordinators. They will explain what can be expected from the alumni department in the coming months and years. We offer support to graduates and continue to share the bond forged during the program. We care deeply about your sobriety, so we talk about your plans for when you leave Transformations.

If client housing is needed after leaving the program, a discharge coordinator will arrange. Once a client leaves Transformations, if there are any issues with the client’s house or a client wants to move to a different house, alumni can help coordinate that also.

The discharge coordinators will encourage you to attend sobriety meetings, and will give you a list of local AA/NA/CA/CR meetings before you leave.

We will encourage you to find a job. If we know about anyone hiring it will be posted on our Facebook page. In addition to the income, it helps set up a routine for your sobriety. You can look on the job board outside the IOP tech office or on the Alumni Facebook page for jobs we post as we hear about them.

Staying in contact is an important part of the post-treatment process. We encourage you to do this in a variety of ways—one being social media, a great way for other alumni to get to know you better, offer guidance and advice.

As part of our commitment to your healthy life, after you leave treatment, a coordinator will call you every week for the first month, and continue to call you after the first month every few weeks. And after the first year we’ll continue to call you every six months.

On each call you’ll be speaking with the same alumni coordinator so you’ll get to know them and feel comfortable. The conversations will be as short or as long as you like.

Weekly Meetings

We host an alumni meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. If you’re local and need a ride, we’ll even provide transportation to and from the meeting. The last Wednesday of the month is celebration night, where alumni receive their milestone chips and anniversary medallions. Your family and sponsor are encouraged to attend these special meetings with you.

The meetings take place on property and start with dinner. After the meal and a short break, a recovery meeting where an alumni shares their experiences/strengths/hopes is held, or a recovery topic is discussed.

Alumni Social Activities

Alumni enjoy going to meetings together, welcoming newcomers and keeping each other accountable. Join us for BBQs, bowling, deep-sea fishing, picnics, Halloween parties, go-carting and other fun times.

Every other Friday, we bring an alumni with over six months of sobriety to our PHP property so they can share their experience, strength and hope with the clients. The alumni will stay after the meeting to talk one on one with clients and exchange phone numbers.

We’re Here to Help

Call with event inquiries, questions about getting involved or if you or someone you know needs help. Contact the department at 877.653.8730 or [email protected]

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