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Let us help you live the life you deserve.


Let us help you live the life you deserve.


About Our Treatment Center

Transformations Treatment Center

Nationally Recognized Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program

As a nationally recognized substance abuse and mental health treatment program, we integrate natural and holistic protocols, along with traditional medications, individualized programs and personalized, nurturing care. We can help you or a loved one live the life they deserve.



Transformations is an upscale, yet affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility where clients begin their journey toward healthy living.



Our personalized treatment plans cater to each person’s needs and are skillfully implemented by highly trained master-level therapists based on the 12-step program.



We take a holistic approach that not only treats the addiction, but also heals the mind, body and spirit—as well as the family, an important element often overlooked.

Our Approach To Addiction Treatment

We specialize in individualized, thoughtful and supportive programs geared towards every client’s specific needs. We employ a holistic, therapeutic approach that includes small group meetings, 12-step meetings, gender and age-specific groups, Christian Groups, a Veterans and First Responder program, as well as support for family and friends with weekend visits and therapy sessions. Once you graduate from our program, we offer weekly alumni meetings, individualized aftercare, and help regaining life skills.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Center

Our residents enjoy living in one of Integrity Way’s luxury condos, an upscale villa or in our nearby client housing facilities. We also offer complete outpatient services.

Transformations Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Center provides the right foundation and aftercare services to help clients remain healthy.


Supporting Former Professional Athletes and Military Veterans

We’re honored to have partnered with the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, After The Impact Fund for Veterans and Legends, NFL Player Care Foundation, and the Baseball Assistance Team. Over the years, hundreds of veterans and former athletes have gotten the assistance they needed through these great organizations and we are beyond proud of the work they’ve done. We’re grateful to have joined them in furthering our mission to help those suffering from addiction.

Discover Transformations


I really feel blessed that I was able to go through Transformations! Even since I have been back home, Transformations Alumni Department still calls me and cares about how I am doing! I will always be so grateful for Transformations – they really did save and change my life!

– Denise B.

Transformations Substance Abuse and Mental Health center is located in Florida and has successfully helped people from many FL cities including Delray Beach, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Tallahassee and Fort Lauderdale.

 Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Jawad Daud, MD

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Transformations Treatment Center

Transformations Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program for adult men and women, in Delray Beach, Florida. We offer a full spectrum of alcohol rehab, addiction treatment programs and ongoing recovery support services.

Transformations Mission Statement

Transformations helps guide you on the path of transformation – we are your trusted source in the recovery community.”

Our treatment philosophy is to help people create healthy futures. Our ethical integrity and high moral standards are at the core of our continued growth and development. Since our foundation in 2007, our focus has always been on finding and hiring people, from Behavioral Health Technicians to Board-Certified Addiction Psychiatrists, who go out of their way to provide clinical excellence and integrity in treatment.

Help for Substance Use Disorders

Transformations drug and alcoholic treatment center offers individualized programs to treat people with substance use disorders, so they can follow the road to recovery. We place each person seeking treatment with an appropriate counselor to make sure clients are grouped with people who have similar life experiences. Our Master-level therapists are all trauma informed and specialize in one or more areas such as spirituality, music, military or law enforcement.

When looking for alcoholism treatment centers, rest assured that Transformations is a nationally accredited treatment facility. We integrate natural and holistic protocols along with medical interventions, individualized programs and personalized and nurturing care.

From the first step towards sobriety to life-long support in recovery, we offer a complete continuum of addiction treatment care including detox, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, client housing, transitional services, aftercare support along with active family and alumni programs.

Why Travel for Rehab

Leaving behind the trappings and triggers of an enabling environment can make drug rehabilitation more effective. People from across the country come to Transformations to set aside the everyday pressures of their home life, relationships and work. This allows our clients to focus on sobriety, and lets them heal in a comfortable, safe and caring environment.

When sending a loved one to treatment, it’s recommended to send them to a center further away from home. If they stay local, there is always a possibility they can simply walk out of the center if they decide they don’t want to continue with treatment. That’s not so easy to do if they’ve traveled from Chicago to Florida for treatment.

While we prefer that clients make their own travel arrangements, if necessary, a member of our admissions team can help coordinate transportation to our facility. Once a client arrives in Florida, one of our intake specialists will call their designated family member to let them know their loved one has arrived safely at our facility. This safe call is a service we provide 24/7 for all clients.

Providing Individualized Care for Our Clients

Transformations philosophy of care, where the focus is always on the individualization of treatment, lets us provide the best possible care for people seeking help for drug and alcohol use disorders. No two people are alike when it comes to finding help for addiction so, a cookie cutter, “one size fits all” approach to treatment will never be successful. Our Christian, Adult, Young Adult, First Responder, Veterans and SoundPath Music treatment programs are all skillfully implemented by highly trained master-level therapists.

It doesn’t matter how complex the disease of addiction is or the number of times an individual has sought treatment. Transformations is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals and can tailor a plan of treatment to their particular situation. Transformations is the perfect place for drug rehab Florida when looking for help with substance use disorders.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Here at Transformations we treat each client as a whole person and focus on their psychological, physical, social and spiritual well-being. We have a staff of highly trained professionals who understand that, to move forward in life, a person needs to explore all aspects of who they are. Our intent is to find out what motivates each client, and how we can best give them the skills and insights they will need in rehab.

Clients receive one-on-one therapy with their primary care therapist and attend groups that are both educational and insightful. Physically we address all issues and concerns including chronic pain and we have nursing staff on site, for both medical and psychiatric needs.

Dr. Sands, is our Chiropractor and Director of our Holistic & Nutritional Program at Transformations Treatment Center. His job is to address the physical aspects of each clients’ recovery and help them feel better as quickly as possible. We do this by providing clients with an array of vitamins, nutritional supplements and amino acids that have been specifically formulated to help restore key brain chemicals that may have been significantly depleted by their addiction. Restoring the neural pathways in the brain helps ease common withdrawal symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, inability to focus and digestive issues.

Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Counseling


Interventions – Helping a Loved One Overcome Addiction

An intervention allows family members and friends to encourage their loved one to get help. Interventionists help people acknowledge their disease, understand the harm it causes to themselves and others and define a clear path towards recovery. Transformations can help families by educating them about the intervention process and help them find a leading interventionist.

Admissions – the First Step Towards Recovery

Our admissions team works with family members, or the person seeking treatment, to make the admission into treatment as easy and stress-free as possible. During the initial call, one of our admissions coordinators will discuss the entire process including:

  • Initial screening
  • Our treatment program options
  • Our philosophy behind clinical care
  • Insurance verification
  • What to bring, and not to bring, to treatment
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Intake screening
  • Client orientation

Our Admissions Department is an important part of the recovery process and our admissions coordinators and intake specialists go out of their way to make clients feel at ease. Admissions oversees admission into both Transformations Treatment Center and to our Summit Detox sister facility.

Medically Monitored Detox


For many people entering drug and alcohol rehab, detoxification is a necessary first step to recovery. Summit Detox is a 20-bed medical facility providing safe and comfortable detoxification from drugs and alcohol. Medically assisted detox helps manage the symptoms of chemical dependency withdrawal and stabilizes clients for further treatment at Transformations, or another addiction treatment facility.

Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Transformations offers a low client to staff ratio in all our treatment programs from mental health counselors to certified addiction professionals to master-level therapists. All programs include a holistic approach to treatment, group sessions, life skills, recreational activities, support for friends and family, monthly family educational weekends, weekly alumni meetings and a comprehensive plan for continuing care after treatment.

We offer the following addiction treatment programs through our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Addiction Treatment Housing Options

Clients attending our PHP program live in housing provided by Integrity Way, who arranges for transportation to and from our clinical building. Integrity Way also provides rides to social and recreational activities including Celebrate Recovery meetings, beach and surfing excursions and weekly trips to the grocery store.

Our discharge planning team works with each client to transition them into our intensive outpatient program or to refer them out to another program with one of our trusted addiction treatment partners. The aftercare team also provides referrals to supportive housing and, if staying local, Integrity Way will arrange for transportation, so the client can tour the sober living home. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing exactly where they are going after they leave our care.

Adult Program (Over 30)

Age-specific treatment programs let therapy and subject matter be appropriately tailored to adults 30 years and over. An adult focused program helps create a supportive environment that is more conducive to sharing, resulting in dialogue that is more relevant and productive to the recovery process. Group sessions focus on the concerns of adults including parenting, divorce, blended families, stresses of the workplace, social responsibilities, long-term relationships and legal issues.

Young Adult Program (Under 30)

Transformations tailors their Young Adult Program to focus on making the treatment experience as enjoyable as possible while teaching young people that a life lived in recovery is not only healthier, but also more promising and enjoyable. Clients discover ways to have fun in recovery through trips to the beach, BBQs, paddle boarding and other fun, recreational outings. This program is an individualized treatment plan for young adults between 18 and 29 years of age.

SoundPath Music Program

Expressing emotions through music allows clients to learn more about themselves and helps them understand some of the reasons behind their addictions. The SoundPath music recovery program is run by a team of talented musicians who motivate their clients to take part in a variety of creative activities. Creating rap music, spoken word poetry, writing and recording songs as well as performing in the music studio are just a few of the many activities that take place in this musically focused treatment program.

First Responders Program 

The First Responder Program at Transformations Treatment Center is not just for the people in recovery, but also for the families affected by the first responder’s addiction. This program is a specialized treatment plan that helps police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency personnel battle their addictions and win. The program is run by a first responder with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and is designed to treat co-occurring diagnoses including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders and depression.

Veterans Program

The Veterans Program is tailored to meet the needs of military veterans and their families. This program is run by a team of veterans who understand the unique needs of someone dealing with the aftermath of war, PTSD, depression and anxiety. This treatment program helps our Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard veterans re-integrate into the civilian world, so they can return to living happy and productive lives, free from drugs and alcohol.

Christian Addiction Treatment

Christian rehab centers, like Transformations, offer clients a way to use a mind, body, spirit approach to recovery. Our Christian rehab program focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of recovery. The core aspect of this program is for people to know Christ by offering an intentional pathway to help clients connect with and build a relationship with Him.

Surrendering addiction to a higher power is at the forefront of the Christian focused treatment program at Transformations Treatment Center. The serenity prayer is often recited in recovery and is a great tool to help a person develop a stronger relationship with their own higher power.


IOP and Outpatient Treatment Programs

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is for anyone continuing treatment after their initial stay in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or for people who are seeking drug rehab treatment and don’t medically need a PHP program.

This program includes small group sessions, that meet 3-times per week and are run by masters-level therapists. IOP also includes life skills sessions, job search assistance and weekly alumni meetings and events.

Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient (OP) program is another way we help adults transition back to their meaningful lives. The OP group meets once a week at the Transformations clinical building and helps clients learn how to deal with everyday stress and ongoing issues in recovery.

IOP with Medication Assistance

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is just one way to help people with an opioid use disorder get the support they need. Our IOP program combines therapy, mental health services and medication support, including a medication-assisted treatment program.

While the eventual goal for any treatment program is to help clients work towards a stable recovery that includes abstinence, MAT is used to reduce physical cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Once a client completes our treatment with medication program, they are referred to one of our trusted partners for medication management and continuing outpatient care.

Family Education Program

We focus on the importance of engaging family members in the treatment process, an important element that is often overlooked by other treatment centers. Our Family Matters programs are open to all past and present clients and includes:

  • Family Matters Weekends
    • An intensive weekend of therapy, education and healing for family, friends and clients.
  • Family Matters Outreach Services
    • We help the family set boundaries and advise them on the best course of post-treatment support to prevent relapse and help their loved one maintain sobriety.
  • Family Matters Facebook Group
    • A private Facebook group to keep families posted on events and resources designed to help them navigate the complex world of addiction and recovery.
  • Family Matters Community Group
    • A weekly meeting, open to all members of the community, for families affected by addiction.

Continuing Care After Treatment

During aftercare planning, a member of our discharge team meets with each client to discuss their options for continuing care after treatment including our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient Programs (OP).

We have a really great discharge planning process. A couple of weeks before they are scheduled to leave Transformations, a discharge coordinator sits down with the client, their therapist and their family to find out what are the best options for continuing care. We prepare an aftercare plan for them that includes referral to sober living and transition to either an IOP or OP program. A member of our alumni team even follows up to make sure they made their first IOP/OP appointment.

Our clients are taken care of in every facet of their lives before they leave Transformations. We prepare them for life after treatment because it can be difficult to stay sober with all of those triggers they face once they leave our facility. Life doesn’t stop while someone is in treatment, which means the triggers and stressors leading to drug and alcohol use don’t stop either. Clients eventually have to return to that life they left so, emotionally preparing and physically preparing them for these stressors helps prevent relapse.

Alumni Program

The recovery community is a fellowship of hope, strength, passion and understanding. Our alumni program is all about being a vibrant community and providing helpful resources and joyous experiences to celebrate life in sobriety. The alumni department hosts weekly meetings and regular social activities such as BBQs, bowling and fishing trips.

Each member of our alumni team faced addiction and found the courage and strength to fight back and get their life back. They care deeply about each client and do everything within their power to help. Our alumni relations team means more than keeping in touch. It means, that not only are clients getting excellent treatment, they are also joining an extended family that stays connected and supports one another in their life-long recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a very real risk for anyone living in recovery and our alumni program plays an important role in reducing relapse. Staying active in the alumni program gives people the chance to build meaningful relationships between the people who enter recovery through Transformations and the skilled professionals who can offer them the fastest path to recovery and ongoing well-being.

We believe that maintaining a relationship with our many alumni can help reduce the occurrence and severity of relapse and remind people that they can have a fun and fulfilling life in recovery. After they leave treatment, a coordinator is assigned to each client who calls them on a regular basis to check in and see how they are doing.

Transformations Accreditations and Licensing

Treatment facilities, alcohol rehabs and supportive living homes must be licensed by various local, state and national organizations.

Transformations accreditations include:

  • CARF – Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • JCC – Joint Commission Certified
  • DCF – Florida Department of Children and Family Services

We are also a member of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS), an “organization dedicated to supporting professionals who provide alumni and other continuing care services to people in recovery from addiction.”

Also, when referring clients to local supportive living, we vet each of our recovery partners to verify their sober home is certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences. FARR is the Florida affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences.


Help is Always Available at Transformations

Transformations is a certified drug rehab center specializing in the treatment of substance alcohol use disorders. Our partial hospitalization program provides a high level of clinical care throughout all phases of treatment; from the initial call for help all the way through to discharge planning.

Some of the specialty services offered across all treatment tracks at Transformations include a holistic approach with chiropractic care, trauma focused care, on-site mental health services and an on-site medical director.

Call Transformations today and speak with a member of our admissions team.

Individualized Approach to Treatment

Transformations takes a truly customizable approach to treatment. This allows us to offer individualized care to each client. We are also always looking for new programs and treatment methods to offer our clients.

We hold meetings every morning with the entire clinical team and we hold a high risk clinical meeting every Wednesday where we can discuss any complex cases. We get together with every department including medical, family, alumni and discharge planning to make sure that everything is set for each person in our care.

To make sure our clients are getting the best care possible, we work diligently together as a team and it all starts with the initial screening and assigning clients to their primary therapist. Our Clinical Director and Assistant Clinical Director work together to look at every client, coordinate their needs and decide which therapist is going to work best with them.

We use a trauma informed approach, we recommend the specific groups they go to and we address every individualized need as it comes up by adjusting treatment plans and reviewing them and talking to the client about their plan. Many facilities say they offer individualized care, but Transformations truly takes an individualized approach to treatment.

Many of our counselors and master-level therapists are in recovery themselves so they know the importance of having a great clinical team that can address individualized client needs. Our therapists really care, they are invested in their clients, they really want to see positive outcomes and they really take the time to meet with them on a personal level.

Our clinical staff answer emails even when they aren’t in the office. Our therapists aren’t required to answer emails about every client, on the weekend or after hours, but they do. They offer to talk to clients on the phone when they are having a hard time and all our staff work hard to provide clients the best care possible. Our team goes way above what’s expected of them.

One of the things that really sets us apart from our competition is that we really work together as a team and we really trust and respect everyone’s opinion. Any family member wants this level of care for their loved one in treatment.  It’s important for family to know it’s not just one person working with their loved one but rather an entire team of clinicians working together to give their family member the best care possible. We treat every client that comes in here like they are a member of our own family.

Going into treatment is a big decision and it takes a lot of courage to leave their regular life and reach out and ask for help. There are a lot of clients who are facing a lot of consequences from their addiction and they need a lot of support and maybe they don’t have that family support anymore. We are here to help them relearn who they, it’s almost like a rebirthing experience, to where they can actually feel and see who they are as a sober individual. We can see past the addiction and we can see them for their potential and for the human beings that they are and who they want to be –  treatment really works.

Clinical Director Megan Garvey mentions that clients who stay sober once they leave treatment are the driving force behind why she is happy to go to work every day. “Seeing our clients that are really using our program to their advantage is what makes me proud to be a clinician, a sober-women in recovery and someone who could help them in their life.”

Here favorite saying she mentions to clients is, “I am a grain of sand in the beach of your life. I’m kind of taking a flashlight and looking at what we can do, how can we help and what are the underlying issues of your addiction?” Garvey, and the entire Transformations staff, is always looking at how they can help clients in recovery and help them build a life free from illicit drugs and alcohol. We teach them that they can learn how to do it themselves, and how to reach out to their support network so they can stay sober once they leave Transformations.

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How Can The 12 Step Program Help With Addiction

Transformations substance abuse treatment center and drug rehab center.

There are many different kinds of drug addiction treatments, but one of the more well-known and effective on offer is the 12 step program. This rehabilitation program is often undertaken in specific medical drug treatment center and has been used to cure many addictions since its inception.

Believe treatment center – a 12 Step Program

How can the 12 step program help drug addicts? Read this article to find out how this kind of treatment therapy works and why it has helped many people to overcome their narcotic dependencies using various 12 step methods and the Serenity Prayer.

What is the 12 step program? Transformation center: one of the best private alcohol rehab centers

This kind of treatment uses a patient’s faith and religion to help them to overcome their need to take narcotics. Usually, these sessions take place in a group of people, which is led by an addiction specialist in a rehabilitation for alcohol addiction group across programs in drug alcohol rehabilitation centres.

Alcohol and drug treatment center ( an addiction rehab center) – what can you expect?

Although this kind of therapy focuses on using a drug addicts beliefs to help them, it’s still able to help addicts who aren’t religious, by offering a strong ethos of reflection and self-care. This is why this kind of treatment is so good for many people suffering with a narcotic dependency – and why it’s commonly known as one of the best kinds of addiction therapy treatments around. You can find these therapies at drug treatment centers Florida for drug rehabilitation.

What are the steps?

The following 12 steps were specially designed to help addicts to overcome their dependencies.

1: The addict has to admit that they have an addiction and that they are struggling to control the amount that they abuse

2: They need to believe that there is a higher power who can help them to recover

3: The patient needs to turn their life over to this higher power

4: An addict will then make a moral inventory of themselves

5: They will need to admit to themselves, the people around them and the higher power the nature of their narcotic dependency

6: At this stage, they need to be ready remove all of the defects from themselves

7: They need to ask the higher power to remove these defects once they are ready and to recognise what they can change and accept what they cannot with the Serenity Prayer.

Transformations is an alcoholic treatment center in Delray Beach rehab facility.

8: This is where it can make the most difference for the addict and the people who they care about – they will need to make a list of the people that have been harmed (mentally and physically) by their addiction and they must be willing to apologize to them

9: Once they have made the list, they need to make amends to these people if they can, unless it could be a danger to anybody to do so

10: They also need to continue to make an inventory of themselves – and admit it if they were originally wrong

11: They also need to try and improve and continue their conscious contact with the higher power who has helped them through prayers, meditation, or a method that they feel comfortable with

12: Once all the other steps are completed, they need to continue to practice them in their daily lives and help other drug addicts who may be in need of help

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