PHP Rehab in Delray Beach, FL

The Transformations partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides an opportunity for clients to live in a structured environment while receiving full days of treatment. PHP rehab is an ideal option for those who need more structure without the stringent requirements of an inpatient program. Overcoming chemical dependency often requires an intensive treatment program, and PHP reaches this standard.

Understanding the characteristics of a partial hospitalization program and its benefits can help those struggling with addiction make an informed choice about PHP treatment.

PHP Rehab Delray Beach Florida

Is PHP Treatment the Best Choice for Me?

Choosing the best addiction treatment programs for issues with substance abuse is paramount to successful recovery. PHP treatment might be an ideal option for those who need more than outpatient treatment can offer but aren’t willing or able to check into residential rehab programs for drug abuse. While residential rehab in our addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, FL is beneficial, it isn’t always the most realistic option.

Partial hospitalization programs represent an ideal middle ground. They serve those struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders, those in active and severe addiction, and those in stable living situations who don’t need to be immediately removed from their home environment. It’s also a good option for individuals with obligations they can’t just leave behind, including work or children.

Another benefit of a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is its benefit to those who’ve already participated in a residential treatment program and simply need a more intensive outpatient program to continue recovery.

PHP Benefits

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a partial hospitalization program or PHP is that clients don’t have to spend their time in acute recovery away from their loved ones. They can instead enjoy support from their families as they navigate their addiction treatment program. Clients enjoy a higher level of flexibility in addressing drug and alcohol addiction, which speaks to the individual nature of recovery.

Additional benefits include:

  • Access to medical care: Because behavioral health disorders are among the co-occurring issues that may accompany drug or alcohol addiction, access to medical care is integral to substance abuse treatment. Through medical treatment, PHP patients may be provided medication for behavioral health challenges and receive medication management services. Medical care is also instrumental during the detoxification process, with medication allocated to ease withdrawal symptoms in some cases. While prescribed medication is a benefit to addressing mental illness through PHP, it’s not the primary focus of treatment.
  • Individual and group therapy: Another benefit of a PHP is the use of treatment to help those in the throes of substance use disorder begin their recovery journey. Group therapy offers a chance to share experiences with peers and receive support. Individual therapy allows clients to explore any mental health concerns they might have and work through some of the traumas and triggers associated with substance use disorders.
  • Family counseling: Addiction is as much a family disease as an individual one. Part of the recovery process includes family therapy sessions that teach family members the tools to practice productive interpersonal communication and engage in a successful recovery journey.

Learn More About PHP at Transformations

The evidence-based, comprehensive care you’ll receive at Transformations helps you begin your recovery with structured support and helps build skills for long-term sobriety. Addiction challenges are unique, so relapse prevention starts with choosing a program that works for the individual in question. A practical PHP approach considers each individual’s substance abuse challenges for the personalized experiences they are.

If you find yourself in the throes of addiction, reach out to Transformations today. Call us at 877-756-0372 or contact us online to learn more.

PHP treatment delray beach fl
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