PHP Rehab Center in Delray Beach, FL

At Transformations, our PHP rehab is a full day of treatment in a structured environment, while the client is living in supportive housing during this time. PHP is an opportunity for the client to experience more structured, clinical care addressing their primary and secondary issues and diagnoses. Clients are able to attend 12-step or mental health support groups in the evenings as well as activities and recovery events on the weekends. Much like our other treatment programs, each client has an individualized treatment plan that is unique to their needs and recovery goals. The evidence-based, comprehensive care helps you begin your recovery with structured support and helps to build skills for long-term sobriety.

Adult (Over 30)

Licensed, certified or master-level therapists who are specifically trained to treat those who are 30 and older lead this program. Group sessions focus on the concerns of adults with addictive disorders, which include parenting, divorce, blended families, and grief and loss.

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Faith Based

Spirituality and faith can be powerful allies in recovery. Finding or reigniting spiritual identity offers people in treatment and recovery the ability to find new meaning in their lives and a new source for personal resilience.

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Our LGBTQIA+ groups were started eight years ago and continue to be a safe space for clients to explore issues surrounding sexuality and gender. Here at Transformations we are committed to providing individualized care and believe in an affirming approach to support our clients on their journey.

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Young Adult (Under 30)

Young adults struggling with addictive disorders are often delayed in their social and emotional development. Treatment for younger adults often requires different interventions than with older adults, as the brain is not fully developed until around the age of 25.

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Help For Our Heroes

The Help For Our Heroes Program at Transformations Treatment Center is a specialized treatment program that has been successful in helping military veterans and first responders overcome the underlying issues that lead to addiction. This program offers a behavioral and mental health component that addresses issues such as trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders.

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