Young Adult Program (Under 30)

Young adults struggling with addictive disorders are often delayed in their social and emotional development. Treatment for younger adults often requires different interventions than with older adults, as the brain is not fully developed until around the age of 25.

Specific programs to treat age specific populations increase the cohesiveness within those communities, resulting in clients feeling more comfortable being open and processing the feelings.

Our licensed, certified or masters-level therapists in our Young Adult Program work with this population in our specially designed therapy and psycho-educational groups to address the issues that young adults face including individuation, education or work stress, peer pressure and sober living in young adulthood.  Additionally, we provide individualized support to help clients address family conflicts and issues exacerbated by drug abuse. We also offer coaching to help parents of addicts navigate the challenges of supporting their children without enabling them.

The Young Adult Program provides alternative coping skills and healthy activities for these clients.. Clients discover ways to have fun in recovery through trips to the beach, BBQs and other outings.  Clients also have access to a life skills session with a focus on career and education to provide clients with the knowledge they need to make it on their own.

Our Young Adult sessions are held in a separate therapy suite away from the other groups to allow for a private area in which to share and recover.

The Young Adult Program includes individual treatment based on client age, need, and life experiences.

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