Young Adult PHP Program (Under 30)

Young people struggling with addiction and mental health issues are often delayed in their social and emotional development. It can start to become apparent in their school work, friendships and attitude at home. Treatment programs require different behavioral health interventions than what’s provided for adults, as the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Specific intensive outpatient programs designed to treat younger populations increase the cohesiveness within those communities and help clients openly express the feelings they experience during treatment and recovery. Read on to learn more about our young adult PHP program that can help your loved ones through their recovery.

Group therapy at a Young Adult Partial Hospitalization program.

What Is a Young Adult PHP?

A young adult partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides a higher level of support for substance abuse problems. With a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, a young adult PHP program can assist a young person who might be struggling with addiction and poor mental health.  The average length of a PHP program is 30 days, making it more intensive than what’s provided at hospitals and outpatient centers.

Better Care for Each Individual

Our young adult program offers more than an intensive outpatient program. Young men and women of all ages benefit from treatment and around-the-clock care while learning better coping skills for life transitions.

We also focus on simple things like exercise and eating a healthy diet. Both can lower the anxiety and depression in young adults that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

Therapy That Works

The private mental health care sessions are held in a separate therapy suite away from other participants to allow individuals and families privacy. Commitment therapy is included and is based on patients’ age, need and life experiences.

Each age group will receive research-based behavioral health treatment as well as form important relationships with others in recovery. This puts them in a better place to return to school or their college course work when the program ends.

Licensed, Professional Help

The licensed, certified or masters-level therapists in our program help young adults address the issues they face. These often include work stress and peer pressure.

Additionally, we provide interventions to help clients address family conflicts and issues exacerbated by drug abuse. We also offer coaching to help parents of addicts navigate the challenges of supporting their children without enabling them.

Here’s What to Expect

In the first week of treatment, clients receive support through programs designed to ease detox symptoms and start on a pathway to better health. Medical professionals will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for medication management.

We also include group therapy to help young adults visualize their life goals. These sessions are great treatment options for restoring and healing broken relationships with friends and family. Once completed, they can help participants feel better about themselves and look forward to an independent life without drug abuse.

Depressed young man being consoled during group therapy at a php

The Benefits of Treatment

Healthy activities in recovery are vital. Those attending learn to have fun through trips to the beach, BBQs and other outings based on a seasonal schedule. They also have access to a life skills session with a focus on career and education to provide further resources for living on their own and landing a great job.

Recovery Is Possible

Recovery changes lives. We’ve focused a lot of hours on training our staff to be a beacon of hope for students. If you’re interested in child or young adult programming designed to break the cycle of addiction, contact us today.