Adventure Therapy – An Experiential Approach

“Healing OUTSIDE so you can heal inside”

Making the decision to come to treatment can be an overwhelming process for some. The concept of asking for help for mental health or addiction is one that millions of people can never grasp. Even once the decision is made to come to treatment, many find the process somewhat overwhelming for them and that is why at Transformations we have created evolv, our outdoor recreation therapy program to help with the process while in treatment.

Clients enjoy recreation therapy because it is based on exercise, movement, and connection with the beautiful tropics where Transformations is located. Clients are given the opportunity to paddleboard the Intracoastal Waterways, snorkel the nearby reefs, and practice meditation in the Labyrinth along with a licensed therapy team to help process the intensive therapy done while participating in the clinical work.

How this works is no secret. As humans, when we are ruminating on our issues we tend to get bogged down in the thought process. These thoughts get “stuck” in the prefrontal cortex of the brain increasing anxiety, raising blood pressure, and not allowing us to practice “mindfulness” for the day, and we carry those thoughts with us. These negative thoughts loop through the brain and create all of these negative attributes. Being outside and being active helps clients get into the moment and, at least for a time, let go of those negative thoughts.

Nature is proven to reduce stress hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol, as well as reducing blood pressure. The benefits of exercise are well known and documented and just being outside helps calm the entire body.

With evolv, it is our goal for treatment to create an experience that is beneficial to the client while working with the clinical team for a specific objective with each client’s needs.

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