Adult Program (Over 30)

Licensed, certified, or Masters-level therapists who are specifically trained to treat those who are 30 and older lead this program. Group sessions focus on the concerns of adults with addictive disorders, which include parenting, divorce, blended families, and grief and loss. Individual therapy is provided to help navigate the difficulties of adult life and the impact of alcohol and drugs on family, career, and health. Meditation is also available on a weekly basis.

Mature adults with substance abuse or alcoholism are often faced with a different set of issues than younger clients.  This population tends to have more deeply ingrained patterns of belief, thought, and behaviors. Their emotional maturity may not match their age. The majority have families, children, and relationships, many of whom rely on them financially, physically, and emotionally. Clients work on responsibility, and effective tools and resources to support them while they work at changing the way they think and behave.

The Adult Program includes treatment based on client age, financial responsibilities, employment, family and other issues faced by this population.

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