Adult PHP

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) can be a bridge for those needing substance abuse treatment. Adult PHP doesn’t remove clients from their home environments but still takes an intensive outpatient approach to addiction treatment. The concept of the partial hospitalization program is that those receiving treatment will participate in intensive programming throughout the day, returning home each night.

An adult partial hospitalization program can help those struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues that may be exacerbating addiction. Choosing a suitable treatment facility can ensure that the decision to seek treatment outside of inpatient treatment can still be effective.

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

What to Expect From a Partial Hospitalization Program

Licensed, certified, or Masters-level therapists specifically trained to treat those 30 and older lead this program. Group sessions focus on the concerns of adults with addictive disorders, which include parenting, divorce, blended families, and grief and loss. Individual therapy is provided to help navigate the difficulties of adult life and the impact of alcohol and drugs on family, career, and health. Meditation is also available weekly. Additionally, medication-assisted treatment may be implemented when mental health is a factor.

Is Mental Illness Addressed Through This Program Type?

The benefits of programs like this one include the mental wellness component. Because a mental health condition may worsen addiction, treatment options also focus on the role mental illness may play, emphasizing common co-occurring disorders like bipolar disorder or depression.

Clients receive a confidential assessment during the initial evaluation that creates treatment goals. This treatment plan will include appropriate levels of medication management and suggested therapies to perpetuate a successful recovery process.

How Are Adult Partial Hospitalization Programs Different From Those for Youth?

Mature adults with substance abuse problems in Delray Beach, FL are often faced with different issues than younger clients. This population tends to have more deeply ingrained patterns of belief, thought, and behavior. Their emotional maturity may not match their age. The majority have families, children, and relationships, many of whom rely on them financially, physically, and emotionally. This makes an inpatient program a less practical option. Clients work on responsibility and practical tools and resources to support them while they work at changing the way they think and behave.

The Adult Program includes treatment based on the client’s age, financial responsibilities, employment, family, and other issues faced by this population.

Adult PHP in Delray Beach FL

Is an Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Right for You?

Starting a recovery journey may seem daunting at first, especially if you’re also struggling with mental health. It’s possible to engage in the therapeutic environment provided by this kind of outpatient treatment and maintain progress on the road to wellness. An intensive outpatient adult program focuses on reestablishing good health, using therapy to create positive coping mechanisms and learning what a typical day looks like without substance use.

The right program can help clients cultivate a new outlook on everyday life that’s free from addiction. All it takes is a start. Contact us today to learn more.