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Fun in Recovery: Building Character and Confidence

“I’ll never have fun again.” This is a phrase we hear far too often in addiction treatment. At Transformations, we strive to provide a therapeutic environment [...]

Meditation and Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

By Jamie Salsberg, LCSW, CAP, MPH, Assistant Clinical Director at Transformations ‘Alternative’ Therapy When I first got to Transformations Treatment Center many years ago and proposed [...]

Transformed in Recovery: Three Years and Counting

When I first got sober, people kept telling me I was going to have a life beyond my wildest dreams. At that time, my wildest [...]

Purpose in Life Improves Treatment Outcome

By: Jamie Salsberg, LCSW, CAP, MPH, Assistant Clinical Director for Transformations When a client comes into treatment with an addiction, there is inevitably something underneath [...]

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