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Everything You Need To Know About Neurotherapy

Discover how Neurotherapy offers a groundbreaking, non-invasive approach to combat addiction by harnessing brainwave patterns for mental health and recovery.

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A person with PTSD and substance use disorders going through dialectical behavioral therapy for treatment of co-occurring disorders

Help For Our Heroes: Trauma Therapy for Those Who Served

Explore Help for Our Heroes, offering specialized trauma therapy approach for veterans and first responders facing substance abuse and mental health issues. Learn about our tailored recovery plans.

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Evolv Wellness: Traditional Therapy with an Adventurous Twist

Looking for a new approach to fighting addiction? This Mental Awareness Month, challenge yourself to overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative behaviors by participating in adventure therapy.

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Power of Music: How Music Helps Your Mood and Recovery

Music exists in some form in all cultures. Not only can music inspire you to move along with the rhythms, music inspires great emotion from its listeners. Music helps heal,…

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In-Network and Out-of-Network Insurance Coverage for Rehab: What’s the Difference?

Insurance coverage for rehab comes in two types: In-network and out-of-network. The difference between the two can significantly impact how much you have to pay for your insurance coverage.

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Ultimate Guide to Rehab: What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatment

Discover essential insights on preparing for rehab, what to expect during treatment, and post-rehab care. Equip yourself for a successful recovery journey.

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What to Know About OCD and Its Treatment

What to Know About OCD and Treatment

Most of us have probably heard the term OCD, which stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is often used as slang such as, “I’ve alphabetized all of my books…

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symptoms and sign of bi polar

Symptoms & Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a debilitating, life-altering mental health disorder. Each year, its symptoms will affect nearly six million American adults, which represents about 2.6 percent of the U.S. adult population.

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