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It Matters to Them

I’m driving through Delray Beach with a friend.  Tears in her eyes she asks, “How do you keep doing it? How do get up in [...]

Jamestown, NY: Inaccuracy of Drug Overdose Statistics and the Lack of Funding for Recovery Resources

In cases of drug overdose fatalities, death certificates can fail to cite the correct cause of death. Why is this a problem? The accurate classification [...]

Alcohol is My Mistress

By Jason C., Transformations alumnus We met each other so early in life  You promised to take away all my strife Through my ups, my [...]

Former Platoon Sergeant Maintains Sobriety by Volunteering in the Community

 When it comes to rehab and recovery, we don’t always look at the bigger picture. Oftentimes, having an underlying mental health disorder can lead to [...]

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