Experiential Services

At Transformations, we employ therapeutic techniques that utilize expressive tools and activities in order for the clients to focus on the experience and begin to identify emotions associated with success, responsibility, disappointment, and self-esteem. The client can begin to release and explore negative feelings of anger, hurt, or shame as they relate to past experiences which may have been blocked out.

Recreation Activities

An important part of recovery and living a sober life is learning how to enjoy it and function without drugs or alcohol. Our activities and recreation programs help clients interact with others, function in a social or recreational environment and have fun. Exercise and fitness, entertainment outings, trips to the beach, cooking classes, yoga and more are available.

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Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy offers a hands-on experiential process group utilizing nature, Florida’s natural habitat and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) facilitating the entire process, allowing our clients to have an opportunity to challenge themselves mentally to see how much they can overcome.

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