Alumni Program

The Alumni Program at Transformations serves to develop relationships founded in the shared experience of recovery with all those who participate in our program. Through consistent outreach and compassionate support, we genuinely believe that an established rapport can aid in reducing the occurrence and severity of relapse. This welcome into and participation in a healing community serves as a reminder that we CAN have fun and fulfilling lives in recovery.

Alumni Follow Ups

In the week prior to discharging from Transformations, all clients are required to attend a group called Alumni 101. This group is led by one of our alumni coordinators, who will detail what you can expect from the Alumni Department in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. We offer support to all those who participate in our program, and encourage the development of a recovery support network upon leaving the familiar bubble of Transformations. As active participants in our own personal recovery journeys, we also care deeply about your sobriety, and want to share in a discussion with you about your plans after leaving Transformations.

If client housing is needed after leaving the program, a discharge coordinator will work with you to arrange for this. If there are any issues or concerns after you have moved into your new sober living, the Alumni team will be able to provide resources for safe, clean, and well-managed FARR-certified local housing.

Staying in contact is an invaluable part of the post-treatment process. As such, we offer a number of ways for you to stay connected with your Alumni team – via phone call, text, email, social media, and of course, in person. As part of our commitment to help you thrive in a healthy life after treatment, we will reach out through our Alumni follow-up calls; we call once a week for the first month, then every few weeks, and then every six months just to check in after you’ve been out of our care for a year. You’ll speak with the same alumni coordinator for a majority of these calls so that you’re able to establish a rapport with them, and will not hesitate to reach out should you need any extra support outside of our scheduled check-ins.

When you meet with your discharge coordinator, you will be encouraged to attend recovery meetings and follow through with your aftercare plans. You will be given a list of local 12-step recovery meetings and other relevant resources before discharging.

We will encourage you to look for work, with the understanding that the development of a routine can be as, if not more, valuable in recovery than the financial gain of employment. If we learn of employers who are hiring, we will post their information in our private Alumni Facebook groups and share this information with our Outpatient Services Department, as well, to be posted on their job listings board in the IOP suite.

Weekly & Monthly Meetings

Every Wednesday night, from 7-8:30 p.m., we host our in-house Alumni Night. We provide dinner for all in attendance, so that from 7-7:30 everyone is able to partake in some food and fellowship, where we encourage all of our alumni to form connections with others in the recovery community. Then from 7:30-8:30 we hold a recovery-based meeting of varying formats. Past formats have included speakers from various 12-step fellowships, introductory newcomer meetings, and mini presentations from clinicians and experts from a number of corners of the treatment and recovery fields.

On the last Wednesday of each month, we host Alumni Anniversary Night, where we celebrate milestones in your recovery with you. Sober family members and friends are encouraged to attend these special meetings with you, to also share in the celebration!

If you are a local alumni and are in need of a ride, we are able to transport you to and from the meeting.

Alumni Events

Developing a healthy support network and finding one’s place in a recovery community has innumerable benefits, including going to meetings together, being of service in the community, holding one another accountable, and learning how to have fun in a positive manner. With this in mind, the Alumni Department organizes periodic alumni events, such as paintballing, deep-sea fishing, outings to waterparks, and paddle boarding adventures, where all graduates of our program are invited to join us in a day of fellowship and healthy fun.

Additionally, we arrange for a female alumni with over six months of sobriety and a strong program of recovery to share a story of hope with our female PHP population each month. The alumni will also stay after the meeting to speak with the women and to exchange phone numbers for post-treatment support.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about our Alumni program or events, would like to get involved, or know someone who needs help, please contact us directly at (561) 455-7994 or [email protected]

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