Prescription Drug Rehab in Delray Beach FL

One of the most common misconceptions is that someone can stop using prescription medication at any time. Unfortunately, once your body has become addicted to these medications, cessation is not an easy thing to do. When you are ready to stop using, it is best to pursue a rehab facility that can help aid you in a slow decrease in the frequency and amount of your drug intake. A successful rehabilitation program in Delray Beach will help your body slowly adjust to the smaller dose you are ingesting. roxys

Prescription Drug Withdrawal Treatment

If you stop prescription drug use cold turkey, it can lead to potentially severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Oftentimes people who quit abruptly will experience symptoms like severe headaches, nausea, and shakes. If unmonitored or left alone, these symptoms can often lead to a relapse which could then lead to an overdose. Attempting to take the same dose you took before cessation could be dangerous to your body since it is no longer capable of handling the high dosage you were taking before you quit. Decreasing the amount of medication slowly over time can minimize any withdrawal symptoms you may face.

Therapy for Addiction

With prescription drug rehabilitation and treatment, the programs that have shown the most success and helped people overcome their addiction are a combination of group and family therapy sessions. At Transformations Treatment Center Delray Beach, FL we have helped untold numbers of people overcome their prescription drug abuse disorders

Mental Health & Holistic Therapy

Our evidence-based treatment programs are customizable, based on personal needs and preferences, and offer ample opportunities for future success and a better life free from intoxication. At our rehab facility for prescription drug abuse, our sessions, whether individual or in a group setting, we explore the various situations that may have led you to substance abuse. More often than not, drug abuse tends to be a sign of other underlying mental health issues that must be addressed.

A holistic approach is our greatest strength in combating the mental demons that people may be facing who may also struggle with prescription drug abuse. To deepen our and your commitment to wellness, we believe a holistic approach is the best way to address both underlying mental health disorders and substance misuse. Especially since a sustainable recovery may be compromised if a dual diagnosis goes unnoticed. In some cases it may be appropriate to include medication-assisted treatment to help with any anxiety or panic disorders.

Post-Treatment Care

It is customary for our clients to consider continued care programs post-treatment. 

mental sub4Our after-treatment programs are centered around individual therapy and participation in a 12-step peer group. These ongoing activities will offer you a chance to reinforce your newly developed healthy habits. And, not to mention, give you a chance to work through any problems you may experience as you seek to preserve your sobriety – with a community of people like you. 

Becoming addicted to prescription drugs can be scary. Don’t make the mistake of hiding your addiction and sufferings from others. Contact Transformations Treatment Center in Delray Beach, FL to find out what treatment option is best for you. Holistic, individualized, group, and aftercare treatments are available at our rehab facility. Also, to ensure your privacy, all of our programs and treatments are anonymous, so you don’t have to live with the stress of someone else knowing you sought professional addiction help.