Drug Rehab in Delray Beach, FL

Drug and alcohol rehab in Delray Beach, FL

Regardless of age, race, or circumstance, substance abuse has been an increasingly common part of modern life. Whether substance abuse is for recreational purposes or to relieve chronic pain, drug and alcohol addiction begins for various reasons. Drug misuse, whether illicit or prescribed, is likely to turn to abuse and addiction.

Drug rehabilitation is a substance used to treat drug addiction disorders. Unfortunately, although millions of Americans struggle in Delray Beach Florida, very few people seek addiction treatment or even receive the necessary care to ensure their recovery. Enrolling in an amazing addiction treatment program or rehab center can provide the appropriate care and provide the benefits needed for a sustained recovery.

Monitored Medical Treatment & Support

Rehab for drug abuse helps provide a safe, monitored detoxification process that helps minimize the painful withdrawal side effects that typically accompany cessation of use. First and foremost, rehabilitation seeks to prevent dangerous and potentially life-threatening cessation symptoms (i.e. seizures). The second goal is to help each patient avoid the urge to return to substance use by curbing the physical and mental strain withdrawal can put someone through.

Delray Beach drug rehab facilities help provide the needed certified medical assistance required to regulate withdrawal symptoms. One of the benefits of rehab for drug use involves a wide range of supportive medications. These medications help minimize or offset the symptoms of withdrawal while others help encourage a sustained recovery for recently abstinent clients. Our Delray Beach medical professionals work tirelessly to properly run a drug rehabilitation facility in South Florida that possesses detailed knowledge on which medications to prescribe under certain circumstances and is educated in medication management.

Detox Treatment Facility

Some addicts have struggled so long with substance abuse that they are medically at risk if they stop taking drugs like cocaine or heroin cold turkey. It is important to know that Transformations offers addiction treatment, alcohol treatment, recovery services, and alcohol detox and drug detox as a service to our patients. The detox treatment facility is located a few miles down the road from the Delray Beach rehab, but both locations are located in palm beach FL.

Keep in mind that drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and it is important to find a rehab solution that keeps you safe. Drug abuse is dangerous and causes massive physical and emotional dependencies. For some, Transformations Treatment Center offers medication-assisted treatment in recognition of these realities.

Mental Health & Other Services

We don’t only provide the best medical assistance for drug dependence, but we also provide access to behavioral therapy and psychotherapy as a part of our drug treatment. Medication-assisted programs alongside therapy are two established methods for comprehensive drug rehab. For those entering our facility the elements of our therapy offerings may include:

  • Mental health services
  • Financial or legal assistance
  • Vocational or educational services
  • Peer-directed self-help group
  • Case management aid
  • Family and child care services

When these are available, they can greatly increase the success of an effective program, as well as give a continued sense of harmony and encouragement in the weeks, months, and years following treatment participation.  Drug Rehab treatment centers should address mental health and not just substance abuse.

Therapy & Relapse Prevention

testimonial generalUnfortunately, a significant percentage of people who take part in a drug rehab program will experience a relapse – whether over the course of their enrollment or at some later date. Relapse is never a sign of failure. However, it can affect the trajectory of recovery and sobriety. We understand that relapse can potentially arise. That is why our Delray Beach, FL rehab facility focuses on individualized care for all of our patients.

Even if two of our patients are experiencing the same struggles with addiction, they receive different treatment programs. We know that the needs of each person are unique. However, some of the common variables in individual care can include:

  • Inpatient vs Outpatient treatment
  • Specific Provisions
  • Secondary services to increase short-term and long-term success
  • Appropriate time required to establish long-term sobriety

Our Delray Beach rehab care team is well-versed in creating treatment approaches tailored to the specific needs of each person in our facility.

Co-Occurring Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery Program

At Transformations in Delray Beach, we understand that oftentimes, mental disorders accompany addiction and substance abuse. Treatment for drug addiction or alcohol treatment must provide rehab programs that include trained medical professionals that are able to provide necessary medical treatments that help people with every part of their struggle. This is exactly why Transformations offers holistic treatment options to accompany our many rehab programs in palm beach fl.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Vs. Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Transformations Treatment Center (TTC) offers a complete continuum of care from our partial hospitalization (PHP) program, and our intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) programs. The main difference between our Delray inpatient and outpatient treatment is that inpatient offers a much more rigid structure. For those that want the most help possible in recovering from substance abuse, many choose inpatient (IOP) and choose to heal over the long term. The outpatient care offered by Transformations Treatment Center is meant to provide medical help to those that can’t put their life on pause.

Delray Beach Addiction Treatment for Drug and Alcohol

Transformations Treatment Center offers relaxing residencies in Delray Beach Florida. We call the residencies “Via” and it is a garden-style apartment complex with 36 apartments. Addiction treatment is a tough road and it’s important to do all you can to make drug withdrawal easier while making recovery something more enjoyable.

Delray Alcohol treatment is basically the same thing as a drug treatment program. Addiction is addiction. Doesn’t matter if you are in Delray Beach FL struggling with alcohol addiction or whether you are on the west coast struggling with drug abuse. Whether you use cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, Ativan, Percocet, or some other prescription drug, the Transformation addiction treatment program is bespoke to each person. You will receive care tailored to you as an individual. Rehab isn’t just the business we are in. Rehab is our passion at a human level.

It can be challenging to find the best treatment centers for drug abuse if you or a loved one are struggling. Transformations Treatment Center in Delray Beach, FL specializes in full-spectrum care that tackles every aspect of the recovery process. Each person will be given individualized care that integrates curative holistic and natural protocols for the mind, body, and spirit.

Addiction FAQ

  • What is the true meaning of addiction? The meaning of addiction is “compulsive physiological need for something that forms strong habits. Stimulants, opiates, alcohol, video games, sex, and anything that causes spiked dopamine can lead to an addiction.
  • How long does it take to kill an addiction? With the help of a good drug and alcohol treatment program, recovery can begin as soon 30-60 days, although it’s important to note that addiction in the brain can last for a year and a half depending on the person.
  • Why are so many drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Delray Beach Florida? Florida has 1 drug and alcohol rehab center for every 1550 residents yet Florida residents don’t have the highest percentage of drug and alcohol abusers. Most people like to get out of their environment and want to be in a peaceful and tranquil environment, so they choose places like Palm Beach and Delray Beach FL for their recovery.
  • What do drugs do to your brain? Drugs rewire your brain after flooding the brain with excess chemicals that over-stimulate reward circuits. You end up with chemicals that bind to your brain and prohibit your brain from experiencing life normally.

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