Breathe to Heal

By: Lisa Blomgren, Alumni Coordinator In Max Strom’s video, “Breathe to Heal,” he discusses the importance of breathwork and the extensive scientific research that backs its powerful impact. Breathwork has been proven to have intense physiological effects. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and sleep disturbances. It can improve one’s immune functioning and…

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Bipolar Shouldn't Use Marijuana

Why Those Diagnosed with Bipolar Shouldn’t Use Marijuana

Why Those Diagnosed With Bipolar Shouldn’t Use Marijuana Marijuana, or cannabis, is sometimes used by people diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental disorders. Even more so now that cannabis has become decriminalized and more readily available in most states —with quite a few allowing it to be used for recreational purposes. Still, marijuana is…

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A woman isolates herself at home due to struggling with avoidant personality disorder for years

Avoidant Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Avoidant Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Personality disorders are mental disorders characterized by rigid and unhealthy patterns of thinking, behaving and functioning. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, these disorders affect about 9.1% of the American adult population. Personality disorders are divided into clusters based on common symptoms and characteristics. Avoidant personality disorder…

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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program-min

How Those With Mental Health Disorders Can Benefit From a PHP Program

Leaving inpatient treatment can be challenging once you’ve completed your time there. After getting treatment for mental health disorders or addiction, you may be reluctant to leave the support and comfort of the inpatient environment. When you spend time in an inpatient treatment program, returning to familiar surroundings can spell trouble if there’s inadequate support…

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Health workers who don't take advantage of mental health services are at risk of developing post traumatic stress symptoms and other psychological outcomes.

How Trauma and COVID Affect Frontline Workers

On September 11, 2001, I was living in New York City and working in the healthcare industry.  I can remember watching the towers fall and immediately having the sense of my need to do something.  I was formally trained as an EMT and my boss and I who did labwork in a hospital downtown at the time got…

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Escaping from Oz- A Bipolar Journey

I always seem to struggle, even now, being able to describe what a life of having bipolar disorder is like. How do I convey the challenge it is to just get out of bed in the middle of a depressive swing, or how amazing it can feel to have endless energy and laugh at everything…

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female alcoholism 2847443 640

Lying and Manipulation in Active Addiction

By: Jamie Salsberg, LCSW, CAP, MPH, Assistant Clinical Director at Transformations

Many people have heard the saying, “an addict will steal your wallet, and then help you look for it.”  This idea, highlighting the lying and manipulation that

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