The Insanity of a Family Disease

During my twenty-five year career in substance abuse treatment, I’ve frequently heard family members (and clients) insist that "Alcohol isn't his/her/my problem - drugs are!" and "Alcoholism isn't his/her/my problem - addiction is!" as if the same principles of recovery from chemical dependency don't apply to any dysfunctional situation where alcohol either isn't present or isn't present enough to be identified as the primary drug-of-choice.

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How To Get Non Profit Drug Rehabilitation Treatment If You Lack Health Insurance

Making a decision to pursue addiction treatment can be difficult enough on its own, but even more so when it feels unaffordable. For those who have dealt with external obstacles and their own levels of internal resistance just to get to this point, the cost of addiction treatment can present yet another barrier to recovery.

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Illicit Drug Use in Illinois: Drug Courts as an Alternative to Conviction

Nationwide, the Illinois Department of Corrections has one of the highest inmate populations in the United States. The Illinois’ prison population, designed for a maximum capacity of 32,000 inmates, is now at an all-time high of close to 50,000.

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Stress Tolerance: Building Resilience in Early Recovery

Stressful situations come and go throughout our lives and it affects each of us differently. Some of us are resilient to higher levels of stress while for others it is more of a challenge. Our innate “fight or flight” response to stress helps p

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The New Face of Fentanyl Addiction: Kati’s story

At a visit to The Strip, one of Surrey, British Columbia’s most notorious drug hangouts, investigative journalist Eric Ranklin interviewed Kati Mather, a 22-year-old fentanyl addict. Ranklin, reporting for CBC News, describes Mather as seeming as t

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