The Insanity of a Family Disease

During my twenty-five year career in substance abuse treatment, I’ve frequently heard family members (and clients) insist that "Alcohol isn't his/her/my problem - drugs are!" and "Alcoholism isn't his/her/my problem - addiction is!" as if the same principles of recovery from chemical dependency don't apply to any dysfunctional situation where alcohol either isn't present or isn't present enough to be identified as the primary drug-of-choice.

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In Sickness and in Health

By: Michael Murphy, Alumni Coordinator Before I begin, if you are expecting a blog on marriage, this ain’t it. Sorry, but this is what I immediately thought of when I…

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The Great N/A Debate

By Michael Murphy, Transformations Alumni Coordinator No, No. Not THAT N/A. Although it can definitely apply to most that subscribe to that “other” program we alcoholics know about. Copy cats…

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Alcohol Addiction: I Would Never Pretend to be Okay Again

By: Michael Kellerman, Transformations alumnus

There she laid… her strawberry blonde hair crusty and tinged with a dark red, like the chain of a bicycle that has rusted from being left out in the rain. Jaimee is her name. Beautiful, intelligent,

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