Remembering to Breathe

By: Keith Berger, Coordinator of Family Integrated Services at Transformations Treatment Center



It’s the first thing we do when we get here and begin our human experience.  One deep breath – inhale, exhale – and we’re off

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In Sickness and in Health

By: Michael Murphy, Alumni Coordinator Before I begin, if you are expecting a blog on marriage, this ain’t it. Sorry, but this is what I immediately thought of when I decided to write this. Well, now that I think of it, I did have an almost two-decades-long tumultuous, violent, and unhealthy marriage. Her name was…

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The Great N/A Debate

By Michael Murphy, Transformations Alumni Coordinator No, No. Not THAT N/A. Although it can definitely apply to most that subscribe to that “other” program we alcoholics know about. Copy cats (Calm down, I’m kidding!). Non-Alcoholic. Which is actually quite misleading. Did you know the majority of N/A beers still do contain alcohol? Albeit usually only…

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Growing Up in an Alcoholic Home

One of the most significant misconceptions alcoholics/ drug addicts seem to have is that their substance use doesn’t affect anyone around them.  Growing up in an alcoholic home has influenced me in more ways than I’d care to admit. If you were

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Repairing Broken Dreams

By Jason C. – VA Alumnus


When I was young, older I dreamed of being

Make my own decisions, the whole world I would be seeing

I’d be responsible, and a trophy I would marry

All the rules of my youth would be mine to carry

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Alcohol is My Mistress

By Jason C., Transformations alumnus

We met each other so early in life 
You promised to take away all my strife
Through my ups, my downs, you were always there
You made me think my life was fair
Soon I longed for you almost every night

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Alcohol Addiction: I Would Never Pretend to be Okay Again

By: Michael Kellerman, Transformations alumnus

There she laid… her strawberry blonde hair crusty and tinged with a dark red, like the chain of a bicycle that has rusted from being left out in the rain. Jaimee is her name. Beautiful, intelligent,

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Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of Bill

When it comes to helping alcoholics overcome their addiction and live sober lives, the granddaddy of all organizations is “AA”. They have been helping people struggling with alcohol abuse since the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” first came out i

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