Beacon Mental Health InsuranceIn November 2018, Beacon Health Options expanded to include mental health coverage. About one in five adults face mental health issues. But, there’s an incredible lack of accessibility. Now, Beacon mental health insurance is a viable option for those needing care and support. Here’s a closer look at what Beacon offers.

Who Is Beacon?

Beacon offers help for behavioral health conditions across the nation. They have over 30 years of experience in the industry and lead the field of behavioral health management. They currently service more than 40 million people with the help of 4,500 employees.

Beacon Mental Health Insurance is at the forefront of health insurance with a strong focus on mental health. Through their insurance plans and Employee Assistance Program, they aim to support the well-being of every individual. They also help individuals and families facing mental health and development issues, like autism.

Does Beacon Offer Coverage in My State?

Beacon Mental Health Insurance offers coverage across all 50 states. You can receive coverage through a participating employer or government agency. They currently offer coverage through more than 260 clients.

How Can Beacon Support My Well-Being?

Beacon has six values that guide their work. They describe them as: integrity, dignity, community, resiliency, ingenuity, and advocacy. Trust and respect are at the center of everything they do. They work to support each member in achieving a higher level of well-being through multiple programs and resources.

As a company, Beacon emphasizes therapy as a solution to many of life’s mental health challenges. As such, their plans are highly supportive of therapeutic treatment.

In addition to their insurance, which can cover your treatment costs, they also offer Beacon Care Services. These are services provided directly by Beacon Health Options. Beacon Care Services can help you in conjunction with a recovery center. These services include in-person and/or telehealth consultations, discussions, and follow-ups.

What Type of Health Insurance Does Beacon Offer?

Beacon Mental Health Insurance is available through employers and select government agencies. Beacon specializes in substance abuse and mental health solutions.

You may also have access to the Beacon Wellbeing Employee Assistance Program through your work. This Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free and confidential service that your employer pays for. It can help connect you to support services; however, it is not a form of insurance.

If you are not sure what type of insurance you have through your employer, you should reach out to your Human Resources department and ask.

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What Are Some of the Benefits Beacon Offers?

When you get help through Beacon Health Options, you will have an entire team on your side working to support your recovery. They start by utilizing their clinical expertise to get you into the right treatment program. They have a large provider network, making it simple to find a care center that works for you.

Beacon leads early interventions that use meaningful tactics in order to help high-risk members get treatment sooner. They also focus on helping members access specialty care for behavioral health issues. They are constantly expanding their provider network to better service members.

Their clinical pathways can assist with opioid use disorder, medication management, and more. They take a long-term approach to treat, resolve, and support every case. They also offer Telehealth, which is a 24/7 call line that’s always open for non-emergency medical advice. This is also used to keep members engaged in their treatment plan.

Overall, Beacon Mental Health Insurance strives to provide value both clinically and financially. Members who receive specialized clinical support see great benefits. One of them is a 60% reduction in emergency room visits during the first year of the program.

Does Beacon Offer Integrated Care Solutions?

Beacon puts members at the center of everything they do. When coming up with a plan of action of assist you, Beacon uses a multidisciplinary team of professionals in order to get you the right care.

Thanks to the combination of their health insurance and care services, Beacon is able to take a much more hands-on approach. These two things allow them to support the health of their members more directly and provide more guidance to you.

The availability of their Telehealth assistance and in-person locations can help keep members on track. They always emphasize the importance of following evidence-based practices. Every treatment plan is completely personalized, and they focus on being “people centric” in everything they do.

Will Beacon Cover All of My Treatment Costs?

How long you stay, the type of care your policy covers, the state you reside in, and other aspects will impact the cost of your treatment. Beacon may cover residential programs, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and/or therapy sessions.

Beacon Mental Health Insurance specializes in substance abuse treatment and, therefore, they know that it is a long-term commitment. Your plan will likely cover long-term treatment, but you may have out-of-pocket obligations or limitations.

How Can I Find Out How Much Beacon Will Cover?

We know that dealing with an insurance company can be overwhelming. You have to know who to talk to, what to ask, and then work to understand all the complexities of your plan. That’s why we have an in-house admissions coordinator who can help you figure out what benefits you have. We encourage you to talk to our coordinator free of charge.

We will work on your behalf to talk to Beacon and understand your coverage. This will also help us determine the right treatment plan. To start, just give us a call at 800-270-4315. Within an hour, we will be able to identify the benefits entitled to you and guide you to the right treatment path.

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