11 Useful Apps For Addiction RecoveryA large part of maintaining  recovery is staying socially active by attending meetings, getting support from sponsors, friends and family, and others in recovery, and sticking to a healthy diet, budget, and exercise routine. Whether you’re in addiction recovery or not, these are all human needs that help us thrive in society, not just survive.

For most of us, we’re always on our phone checking the latest news or social media feed, yet there are a plethora of apps to keep us focused and productive. We found a few helpful apps that are and aren’t solely recovery-related that will help you stay focused in recovery. We narrowed down the top apps. Check out these 11 useful apps for addiction recovery to help you live a fun, happy, and healthy lifestyle:

Sober Grid – Free for Android/IOS

Sober Grid - Addiction Recovery App

  • Stay connected with other sober people
  • Setup a personalized profile
  • Track your sobriety with a sobriety calculator
  • Get support from the global community
  • Receive or offer safe rides to meetings in your local area


Sober Tool – Free for IOS

Sober Tool - Addiction Recovery

  • Sobriety counter shows time clean and sober
  • Create budgets and track money saved
  • Receive inspirational daily messages
  • Receive rewards for milestones and achievements
  • Monitor mood with a daily check-in
  • Share your rewards and achievements
  • Search for meeting with the meeting finder
  • Socialize on the online recovery forum

12 Steps -The Companion – 2.99 on IOS/1.99 on Android


  • A sobriety tool for alcoholics anonymous
  • Receive an anonymous icon
  • Track sobriety with a sobriety calculator
  • Use the search tool with more than 60 stories
  • Receive daily prayers and promises
  • Reach out to contacts using app GPS
  • Use the app without having to connect to the internet


Self Help (Just for Today NA) – Free for Android


  • Receive daily meditations for Narcotics Anonymous
  • Share messages of hope and recovery
  • Boost your mood with positive affirmations
  • App is available in 5 languages (English, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)



Happify -Free for Android

  • Science-based activities and games to overcome stress and life’s challenges
  • Check-in with quick mood assessments
  • Choose between private or community mode
  • Win monthly prizes that encourage you to take charge of your wellness
  • Track your growth with character strengths assessment


Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal – Free for Android/IOS


  • Search the largest food database of over 6 million global items and cuisines
  • Use the barcode scanner to check calories of items
  • Import your own recipes to get nutrition information
  • Log menu items from restaurants to check nutrition value
  • Customize your daily diary (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  • Track your water intake
  • Personalize your goals and get a plan
  • Set step goals and track history
  • Sync your workouts with more than 50 integrated apps
  • Create your own exercises with over 350 exercises integrated apps
  • Connect with friends for support and accountability
  • Share your progress on your newsfeed

Fooducate – Free for Android/IOS


  • Analyze information from nutrition and ingredient lists
  • Use a barcode scanner to track nutrition information
  • Monitor trans fat levels, added sugars, MSG, GMOs and preservatives
  • Count calories and the quality of food products
  • Choose from over 250,000 products with nutritional grades (A to D)
  • Track nutritional value of your own foods and recipes
  • Receive healthy alternatives based on your food choices
  • Ask questions and get answers from a motivated community
  • Share your tips for success to motivate others


Charity Miles Walk and Run Tracker – Free on Android/IOS


  • Turn your exercise into donations
  • Earn money for charities as you walk, run or bike
  • Corporate sponsors donate a few cents for every mile
  • Track your fitness (distance, streaks, and times)
  • Track the collective impact from each exercise
  • Engage in friendly competition with your friends



FitStar – Free on Android/IOS with various price upgrades


  • Take fitness aptitude tests
  • Create custom workouts based on your level of fitness
  • Received suggested workouts
  • Give your feedback on the degree of difficulty for each exercise
  • Receive suggestions for challenging workouts
  • Get tips from your own in-app coach, former NFL player, Tony Gonzalez
  • Integrate any of your Fitbit devices with Fitstar


Mint – Free for Android/IOS


  • Monitor account balances, bills, spending, credit cards, loans, and investments
  • Create custom budgets and receive budget suggestions
  • Track monthly spending for different categories
  • Track and pay bills directly from app with autopay bill option
  • Setup bill pay reminders
  • Schedule payments now or later
  • Receive a complete summary of spending for the month
  • Monitor your credit score for free, no credit card required
  • Account protection with multi-factor authentication
  • Security scanning with Verisign

Pocketguard – Free for Android/IOS


  • Sync your personal finance accounts in one place
  • Track bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, and investments
  • Track your change in net worth
  • Get budget recommendations based on spending and earning patterns
  • Set and track daily, weekly, and monthly budgets
  • Receive bill and loan payment reminders
  • Get bank-level 128 SSL security to protect information
  • Get data protection with personalized  4-digit pin

Setting goals for yourself and taking accountability is key to maintaining long-term recovery. We hope these apps are useful to you so you can achieve your daily, monthly, and long-term goals. Transformations Treatment Center is a nationally accredited treatment facility providing a premier program that includes a medically-supervised detox, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient services. If you or a loved one is struggling in recovery or addiction, our admissions team is here to help assist you. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us anytime by calling 800-270-4315.

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