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The Correlation Between Depression and Substance Abuse

According to the NIMH, as of 2014, almost 8 million people in the United States had a mental illness (like depression) along with a substance abuse problem. Depression is a prevalent problem in the United States. Compounded by substance abuse issues, it's more severe of a problem. This article helps to uncover the correlation between depression and substance abuse. This includes how the two relate to one another in a dual diagnosis, statistics, what treatment options are available, and how to get help. Depression and Substance Abuse It is common for those with depression to have a substance abuse [...]

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What Are Signs of Xanax Addiction?

There are physical and psychological signs of Xanax addiction. First of all, Xanax is prescribed for a number of issues -- mainly anxiety. However, it also works for agitation, seizures, mania, muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal, and insomnia. What is Xanax? Its generic form is called alprazolam, and it's the most prescribed drug for psychiatric care. It works well to give users a sense of calm and to relieve the symptoms they may have (mentioned above). The problem is that Xanax is highly addictive. It doesn't always lead to addiction, but it is quite prevalent. It can also lead to [...]

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Alcohol Withdrawal

Detoxing from alcohol isn't the same as detoxing from other substances. If not done carefully and under the care of a professional, an unsuccessful attempt to quit alcohol could have serious consequences. If you or someone you love is considering getting alcohol out of their lives for good, here are eight tips you probably didn't know, but should. 1. Not Everyone Can Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey Depending on how much you drank and for how long, quitting alcohol cold turkey may not be possible. Whenever a habitual drinker stops drinking, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. For those who have [...]

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Is Ecstacy addictive? Myths and Facts

Is Ecstasy Addictive? Eight Things You Need to Know The drug known as "ecstasy" has spread throughout the party and rave circuit to affect tens of thousands of people worldwide. But what exactly is the drug? What can it do to a human's body and mind? Finally, and most importantly: Is ecstasy addictive? Here are eight things you need to know about ecstasy: 1. What Is Ecstasy? Ecstasy is only one of the names that the drug is known by. Ecstasy is actually the slang term for the drug known as MDMA, an abbreviation of "Methyl enedioxy methamphetamine." Party culture [...]

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12 Ways to Stay Sober and Sane for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a crazy time of the year, and staying sober and sane for the holidays can be a challenge. With all the heavy traffic, crowded malls with last-minute shoppers, travel delays, and just the stress of reuniting with family and friends can be enough to set off triggers for anyone in recovery. This time of year shouldn't be a bummer. Even with all the stress, you should be able to find time to relax and enjoy the holidays. Whether you’re in recovery or just trying to get through the holiday stress, you can still enjoy the [...]

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I Never Knew Addiction Affected My Life

I was raised in a stable safe home, by a single mother that often struggled to make ends meet. We didn’t have a lot but we always had each other and I always knew I was loved, a lot.  My parents ended their very short lived marriage by the time I was eight months old.  My dad would visit from time to time until I turned three. Around that time, he left town without a trace.  He didn’t visit on weekends, or send birthday cards, and he certainly didn’t send any money for child support. I grew up that way; [...]

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The Unsung Heroes in Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a powerful force that damages real families and claims real lives. The battle against the scourge of addiction has front-line soldiers—workers whose diligent efforts and quiet professionalism make a substantial impact on a recovering person’s progress. At Transformations Treatment Center, these difference-makers are the behavioral health technicians. Like an offensive line in football, these men and women help provide protection against addiction’s destructive forces that isn’t always glorious; despite their unsung status, they are crucial components of a highly functioning addiction treatment team.What behavioral health technicians do is both important and varied: their roles include observing the behavior [...]

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The Serenity Prayer is not only for alcoholics or people in A.A.

The 12 step Serenity PrayerThe 12 step Serenity Prayer is a prayer for everyone, not just alcoholics. The prayer was written by Reinhold Niebuhr and is specifically for people who want to break their bad habits, change their ways, and accept the things that cannot be changed. The prayer has been adopted by AA, which is why it is often associated with alcoholism. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.The 3 Requests in the Serenity PrayerThere are 3 requests in [...]

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Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of Bill

When it comes to helping alcoholics overcome their addiction and live sober lives, the granddaddy of all organizations is “AA”. They have been helping people struggling with alcohol abuse since the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” first came out in 1939. The book tells, among many others, the story of Bill Wilson, a young soldier who learned to drink in the military and kept going with it until drink got the better of him. He had to fight back, and he did. Bill was one of the co-founders of AA, and his work went on to help millions of others fight back [...]

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