aetnaNo matter what kind of hospitalization you need, insurance is often confusing. This makes the admissions process even more stressful than it is. It is imperative to know your coverage and all the details of your insurance plan. We handle your admission with patience, compassion, and care. If you have Aetna insurance, here is more about the Aetna accepted drug rehab.

What Types of Health Insurance Plans Does Aetna Offer?

Aetna offers a variety of health insurance plans, which include:

  • Network only plans
  • Network option plans
  • Indemnity plans
  • Medicare and retiree plans

The type of plan you have depends on your personal choice and what kind of coverage works for you. For instance, the network only plan is one where the provided care is a primary care physician (PCP). All other care is by seeing an in-network doctor or referral to a specialist.

For network option plans, the coverage is more flexible. Patients may see any licensed doctor or in-network doctors.

Indemnity plans are the most flexible. These allow the patient to visit any licensed professional they choose, whether in-network or out of network.

Medicare and retiree plans cover retirees and those who are eligible for Medicare.

Aetna also offers plans through an employer, student health plans, and international plans.

Does Aetna Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Yes, Aetna may provide coverage for a variety of treatment options. Aetna allows coverage on an individual basis. This means that Aetna does not limit the number of days spent in treatment. Rather, it depends on the individual and their medical needs.

In 2012, Aetna partnered with the CRC Health Group. This partnership is in place to treat opioid addiction. Since the CDC recognized opioid addiction as an epidemic, this combination of health providers opens up better treatment options for those who need opioid addiction care.

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What Are Some of the Benefits That Aetna Offers for Addiction Treatment?

Aetna covers many treatment options. These options allow patients to get treatment for drug and alcohol detox. According to their plan, Aetna offers the following:

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation (residential and inpatient)
  • Partial hospital treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Continuing care

This information includes the basics. You need to look at your own policy if you have any questions on coverage. Here is some information on Aetna’s coverage that answers a few questions.

Safe detoxification in an outpatient program is another covered treatment. This depends on a few factors:

  • The amount of alcohol and/or the type of drug used
  • The length and severity of the use
  • The current physical and mental condition of the patient
  • Medical risk factors from a patient’s other illnesses

For inpatient and residential rehabilitation, there are specifications. The chemical dependency programs must take place in one of the following:

  • General medical hospitals
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Alcohol and drug treatment facilities

According to Aetna:

Patients receive 24 hour supervision with management of medical and psychiatric conditions while working on their recovery from addiction. Once the person is stable they can generally move to outpatient care for their ongoing treatment.

With partial hospital treatment, the options are 4-8 hours of daytime programming on average. The patient is then allowed to go home at night. Self-help in the evening should take place. This includes treatment such as NA and AA. The patient has advantages from this type of treatment. This is in the form of a structured treatment with exposure to stressors.

Intensive outpatient treatment is like partial hospital treatment. The patient has ongoing support in the form of several meetings. These may last for hours, and often take place three to five times per week. This allows self-help and facing stressors, and the patient can return to work.

Aetna also offers continuing care in its coverage. This includes weekly meetings, as well as seeing an individual therapist.

Will Aetna Pay for My Entire Stay for Detox and Recovery?

Aetna offers a new plan that is a combination of 12-step programs and private therapy. This treats drug addiction, but the length of your stay depends on the coverage of your plan.

Here are some common questions to ask your Aetna representative:

  • How many days of rehab have coverage?
  • Is substance abuse assessment covered?
  • Which programs in my area accept Aetna?
  • Do you cover detox services? How many days?
  • Is inpatient rehabilitation covered?
  • Is outpatient rehabilitation covered?

As we mentioned, we take care of this for you during the admissions process. But these examples are common questions you may want answers to.

How Do I Find Out If My Aetna Insurance Policy Includes Coverage for Drug Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Detox?

You can always look over your own insurance policy or call Aetna yourself. Yet, the easiest way to find if your Aetna insurance policy covers drug rehab and drug and alcohol detox is simple: Talk to one of our admissions specialists. Have your insurance information available when you call. We work directly with Aetna on your behalf. And we locate all of the benefits you need based on your individual policy.

We understand that while you are working on your admission, having to deal with insurance can add to your stress. Trying to figure out what insurance covers and doesn’t cover can be overwhelming and frustrating. That is why we take the pressure off you and work with the insurance company for you. This usually takes less than an hour. Call Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center at 800-270-4315 to get started. We’re a phone call away and help you with the admissions process so you can focus on your recovery.

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