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Illicit Drug Use in Illinois: Drug Courts as an Alternative to Conviction

Nationwide, the Illinois Department of Corrections has one of the highest inmate populations in the United States. The Illinois’ prison population, designed for a maximum capacity of 32,000 inmates, is now at an all-time high of close to 50,000.

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What Does Self-Worth Mean to You?

To: Tamara Evans 
From: Self-worth
Cc: Love, relationships, God
Subject: Where you been
Hey again, it’s your old, old friend self-worth. I know we’re not very familiar with one another because it’s been a long time since we’ve

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The Tale of the Deadly Sweet Tooth

Imagine a world where sugar is outlawed. Fruits, veggies, pastas, poultry and seafood rule the land. 

Only sugar junkies, sweet treat fiends and cake addicts do sugar. They live in dark dingy alley ways near dumpsters, some live in those nasty “s

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Alcohol Addiction: I Would Never Pretend to be Okay Again

By: Michael Kellerman, Transformations alumnus

There she laid… her strawberry blonde hair crusty and tinged with a dark red, like the chain of a bicycle that has rusted from being left out in the rain. Jaimee is her name. Beautiful, intelligent,

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When Trauma Returns with a War Veteran: PTSD, Substance Abuse, and Family

As the wife of an Army Ranger and First Gulf War Veteran, I’ve always been proud of my husband and the sacrifices he has made for our country, but I never really understood the toll it would have on him. When we got married, I knew he had nightmares

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Children of Addicts

Who are the true victims of the addiction epidemic? Are they the addicts overdosing in their cars while being broadcast live on social media for the entire world to see- or are they the children in the car seats sitting behind them, crying?

Are th

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How to Talk to an Addict

Sometimes the hardest thing a person will ever experience in their life is trying to gain their composure and lead a conversation with an addict they love- when inside they are falling apart, the back of their throat is burning with a desperate anger

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Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender: Navigating My Way through Multiple Treatments Centers

By: Chris Collins, Transformations alumnus and Alumni Coordinator

I was fourteen years old when I landed in my first treatment center. The line between recreational and

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Coming Together: Navigating a Natural Disaster in Treatment

By: Megan Garvey, Clinical Director, LCSW MCAP Therapist and Dr. Maureen Esposito, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services


“If we can get through this we can get through anything” 

As many know, Hurricane Irma made landfa

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