If You Have a Heartbeat, There’s Hope

The A&E premiere of Dope Man spotlighted the seemingly unstoppable drug epidemic that has been plaguing our country for decades. While there is no one person who can single-handedly stop lives from being lost to drug overdoses, Tim Ryan is a man in motion to make a difference.

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Where You Stay At?

It was an ah-ha moment for me in early sobriety, when something just made sense. I had completed treatment with Transformations and was starting to get involved with meetings, groups and working with my sponsor.

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Why We Love Our Alumni Community

By: Helana Cabral, Transformations Alumna and Director of Alumni Services

You don’t graduate sobriety. This is why being part of an amazing alumni family like the one we have at Transformations Treatment Center is so important. One of the things

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Death Brought a Knife

By: Phillip S., Transformations alumnus


As I walk through the valley of the….

Man, screw the shadow of death, I’m not about to rest

I got a lot of life left, he’s about to be out of breath

I’ve survived all his tests

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From a Father’s Perspective

Written by an anonymous father of one of our alumni

My son was headed down a very dark path for many years, beginning around the age of 13. The path was getting darker and darker as the years went by. I was at wits end not knowing where to turn. T

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How’s That Resentment Working Out?

Well I got another creepy e-mail. This one was from Resentment. 
To: Tamara Evans
From: Resentment
Cc: Addiction, Relapse, Death
Subject: How’s that working out for you?
Oh hey. It’s your not-so-new friend Resentment. How you doing?

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Courage; What Does it Even Mean?

By: Phillip S., Transformations alumnus 


The strength to persevere in the face of danger and fear

In fact, it’s a noun, but it acts like a verb

It’s an action word

The courage to change the things I can; to take a stand

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Addiction is a Family Disease

By: Laura Lawrence, MA, CAP, Director of Outpatient and Family Services

Time and time again we hear that addiction is a family disease. What exactly does that mean?  We aren’t the ones using alcohol and drugs!  It is often difficult for us to

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Adulting in Recovery

By: Tamara E. – Transformations alumna 

So upon leaving the safety and warmth of Transformations, I was thrust back into the reality of being an adult. It went a little something like this, starting with an email I got… from Life.

From: Li

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