When Trauma Returns with a War Veteran: PTSD, Substance Abuse, and Family

As the wife of an Army Ranger and First Gulf War Veteran, I’ve always been proud of my husband and the sacrifices he has made for our country, but I never really understood the toll it would have on him. When we got married, I knew he had nightmares

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Children of Addicts

Who are the true victims of the addiction epidemic? Are they the addicts overdosing in their cars while being broadcast live on social media for the entire world to see- or are they the children in the car seats sitting behind them, crying?

Are th

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How to Talk to an Addict

Sometimes the hardest thing a person will ever experience in their life is trying to gain their composure and lead a conversation with an addict they love- when inside they are falling apart, the back of their throat is burning with a desperate anger

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Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender: Navigating My Way through Multiple Treatments Centers

By: Chris Collins, Transformations alumnus and Alumni Coordinator

I was fourteen years old when I landed in my first treatment center. The line between recreational and

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Coming Together: Navigating a Natural Disaster in Treatment

By: Megan Garvey, Clinical Director, LCSW MCAP Therapist and Dr. Maureen Esposito, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services


“If we can get through this we can get through anything” 

As many know, Hurricane Irma made landfa

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This Is What It Takes To Be Okay

By Chanda Lynn – Recovery Advocate for Transformations

It’s 1 a.m. I am sitting in a hospital bed, smacking myself in the face and roughly scraping underneath my eyes to give my face the appearance of distress and pain. It works- the doctor come

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Now What? Life After Treatment

By Natasha Lisbey, Transformations alumna and Supervisor of Alumni Services

I was blessed with an opportunity to remove myself from the toxic chaos I had cultivated in my active addiction, a few weeks where I was sequestered in a bubble of recover

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Returning Home after Treatment

By: Kevin Craner, BS, NCIP, CRS, Manager of Family Integrated Services at Transformations

Returning home after treatment is a major transition. Of those going home directly after PHP, the challenge is exponentially higher. Those that decide to rem

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We Will Help Light Your Path

By: Anna Mason, BS, CAP, Therapist at Transformations

Just as a child enters the doors of kindergarten, an addict enters the doors of a treatment center with a fear of the unknown, with anxiety of what is to come, and resistance to take a look at

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