Star and BanditStar and Bandit were adopted from Delilah’s 2nd Chance Rescue in Port St. Lucie, FL in January 2020 and March 2020 respectively.  Star is a golden 1 1/2 year old dachshund mix, Bandit is a brindle 1 1/2 year old American Pitbull/Staffordshire/Chow Chow mix!

Star’s mother was found pregnant and abandoned behind a hotel in Port St. Lucie, FL.  On Thanksgiving 2019, Star and the rest of the litter were born. We came to find Star at an adoption event at our local Tractor Supply one Saturday afternoon in January 2020, as we were purchasing items for our horses. Yes we have two horses in addition to the dogs, stay tuned for their story!  Later that same evening we were cleared to adopt Star and picked her up to take her home.  Star is truly a diva if dogs could be divas and loves cuddling, playing and being our home security system – always on the ready and barks to alert us when guests are arriving.

After a few weeks of having Star in our home, we realized she needed a playmate and a companion to keep her busy while we were at work. After searching the same rescue organization’s web site, we came to find “Bam-Bam” later renamed Bandit.

Bandit was born in Texas on January 18, 2020 and was surrendered to Delilah’s shortly after.  Bandit’s litter was originally named after The Flintstones characters, hence his original name of “Bam-Bam,” and no two pups were the same color or type of coat. Once we had seen his litter on the website, we were immediately drawn to his cuteness and unique physical traits (at the time he was black and white and very fluffy) from the rest of the litter. We headed to the rescue and adopted him immediately.

When Bandit was brought home, he took to Star and the kids rather quickly.  It was great seeing two little pups getting along and playing so well and keeping each other busy. Sure we had the usual puppy issues – biting, destroying our personal items, housebreaking them, and Bandit even chewed a hole through one of our walls, but they eventually outgrew all this.

Not knowing Bandit’s pedigree, we realized in the weeks following his arrival, he would not be staying small for very long so we wanted to find out more about him.  His fur started changing colors to include black, white, brown, and grey.  We did a DNA test on him and found the results rather amusing, what we thought was not what the results showed.  Bandit is the most loving, obedient, kind spirited and loyal furry beast.  Watching him and Star play and “argue” is like watching a Saturday Night Live skit, they will leave you in stitches laughing.

Having both Bandit and Star as part of our family has been a blessing. The fit of their personalities with our already blended family of 3 kids has been nothing short of a perfect match.

In recovery, we are taught how to overcome addiction and brokenness when we seek it for ourselves once we are ready for the change. In some ways we are like the “Bandits” and “Stars” of the pet community, abandoned from our families in search of help, love and someone to guide us to success in our lives. We all have potential, human and animals alike, but we need help bringing that out to showcase to the world.  I’ve learned in recovery, to love yourself first so you can love others, and achieve your dreams for a better life.  Pet’s cannot do for themselves, but they will give us unconditional love and be there as our support in more ways than one can imagine, so they rely on people like us who can give back that same love.