Book review by Lisa Blomgren, Transformations Alumni Coordinator

“Our book club chose to read “A Man Called Ove” this quarter and it did not disappoint! Ove is a grumpy, stubborn man that is highly suspicious of those around them. He has no problem telling you “what you did wrong” and he has been known to be called “the bitter neighbor from hell” by a few of the people living on his block…

As the book progressed, we got to know Ove and saw a much softer side. I won’t give too much away but this book made me think about myself when I first got sober. My story is as far from Ove’s as you can possibly get. Ove did not have any substance use issues but he felt as though he had been hurt by the world to the point where he no longer saw a point in living and he needed a lot of help from those around him to learn to let his guard down and love again. He needed his community to show him that there was a reason to live and that sometimes, our old ways of thinking may not always be the best. This was an easy, heartwarming read that will both make you laugh and cry. I highly recommend it!”

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