Hey Alumni! Hate to break it to you, but I didn’t watch anything on TV this month, so you all will have to fend for yourselves for some good entertainment. APRIL FOOLS! Moving on and disregarding my dad-like humor, I actually chose a documentary to recommend to you all this month. Honestly, documentaries are not usually my thing unless they’re crime-related, but I grew up with Demi Lovato, so when I saw that she released a documentary depicting her struggles with addiction, I had to hit the play button.

Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil is the completion of an unreleased documentary that was being filmed before Demi relapsed and overdosed back in July of 2018, which happened when I was in treatment, myself, giving me yet another reason to watch. This two-part doc gets the perspectives from a lot of Demi’s closest friends and family members, and most importantly includes Demi getting raw and honest about her drug use and how important it is to be treated for mental health and substance abuse. Whether you’re a Demi fan or not, this documentary is worth watching, and it’s free on Youtube! One last thing – if you aren’t interested in the documentary, at least give her new song, “Dancing With the Devil” a listen, and feel all the chills. Happy April!