Spice Abuse: Effects, Signs & Symptoms

Spice or K2 Abuse: Effects, Signs & SymptomsThe presence of a Spice or K2 addiction can have serious negative repercussions on the life of you as well as your loved one. If you believe that you’re affected by addiction, hence you’ll need to support your journey back to sobriety. Begin with the best possible information on topics such as addiction symptoms, withdrawal symptoms and treatment resources. With knowledge on your side, you can proceed with a much greater sense of confidence in your choices and decisions.

Symptoms and Side Effects of Spice or K2 Addiction

Spice and K2 are two of the most common street names for a group of chemicals known collectively as synthetic marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids1. Like marijuana, these chemicals reach your brain by accessing sites in your nervous system called cannabinoid receptors. Because Spice and K2 work in this way, these substances have the ability to trigger a form of addiction similar to cannabis use disorder2 when used frequently and/or in large amounts.

Things to look for if you suspect the onset of Spice/K2 addiction include:

  • Inability to keep limits on how much synthetic marijuana you consume
  • Inability to keep limits on how often you engage in use of the drug
  • Multiple, unsuccessful attempts to stop using synthetic marijuana
  • Continuation of drug use after your Spice/K2 intake leads to serious mental and/or physical harm
  • A change of behavior that makes synthetic marijuana use a favored activity
  • Rising tolerance to the chemical effects of Spice/K2

Signs of Spice Abuse

You may also notice signs of non-addicted synthetic marijuana abuse. Examples of these signs include repeated use of Spice/K2 in dangerous or risky situations, not to mention a drug-related inability to live up to important duties/responsibilities and failure to change your pattern of intake in the face of objections from your loved ones.

People addicted to a synthetic cannabinoid like K2 or Spice may also experience a range of other problems. Possible issues include:

  • A confused mental state
  • Intense anxiety
  • A psychotic mental state marked by hallucinations and paranoid delusions
  • Unusual outbursts of aggression or violence
  • Thoughts of suicide

It’s crucial to note that no one can tell you in advance which chemicals will appear in any given batch of synthetic marijuana. Among other things, this means that people who consume the drug expose themselves to a variety of serious, severe or even deadly side effects3. Documented examples of these effects include:

  • Excessive body temperature elevations
  • Kidney damage
  • Lack of adequate blood flow to the brain
  • Seizures
  • The life-threatening muscle disorder called rhabdomyolysis
  • Complete stoppage of the heart (i.e., cardiac arrest).

Reach Out For Help

We provide holistic care and treatment using an individualized approach specifically tailored to your needs. Our holistic care and treatment is based on the best scientific evidence available. Secondly, we help you lead a healthy, substance-free life with adaptive coping and problem-solving skills. Don’t let Spice addiction in effect control your life. Our addiction professionals can help you get on a path of recovery, significantly changing your life. Contact us today for more information on our certified staff of professionals, as well as our first-rate facilities.

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