Our Clients Giving Back

Volunteering to help the less fortunate is an incredibly humbling experience and helps our clients understand all they have to be grateful for and how lucky they are to be in treatment and receiving care for their addiction.

Doing service work helps our clients rebuild their self-esteem and self-worth. They’ve hurt their families and have stolen to support their addiction, so feeding the homeless is a way to remind them there’s still a good person inside.

Feed the Needy

Every Thursday, a group of our clients volunteer, or are volunteered by their therapist who think it would be beneficial to them, to go to The House of Kingdom Worship to serve food to the homeless and families in need.

The Caring Kitchen

We’ve partnered with The Avenue Church to serve meals that Transformations prepares, cooks, and donates every week to the homeless and families in need in Delray Beach at The Caring Kitchen. Some of our clients volunteer or are volunteered by their therapists to go out each Sunday to help feed the less fortunate.

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