How to Stay Positive in a Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times with a global pandemic affecting all corners of society. From news bulletins to quarantine, daily life has changed beyond all recognition. Staying positive is a challenge right now but is vital to get through the situation. Read on for some ideas on how you can stay positive during a pandemic.

Get a Routine

The coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of people out of work, has forced those with a chronic illness to stay in their homes, and has changed working life so more employees work remotely. One of the most important things to do is to get a routine established. This will keep you healthy and give a sense of achievement each day. Getting up at your regular time, doing some exercise, and phoning a friend or family member each day are all examples of what you can use in your daily routine.

Do Something Each Day

Each day, write something down that you plan to do. Make sure it is small and achievable. Cleaning the entire house in a day is probably not something that you will fix, but tidying a closet or mending a leaking faucet is a task you can do. Watching a movie, learning a new recipe, or joining an online forum are all things you can do as your daily achievement. You will feel positive when you can see the day has not been wasted and you got something done.

Learn Something New

Time in quarantine when stores, cinemas, and restaurants are all closed is a time to learn a new skill. Take the opportunity to check out online courses in anything from ancient history to yoga. There are even language apps where you can take a small lesson each day, learning something new. When all this is over you will have done something really positive by mastering a skill.

Limit the News Feeds

The news bulletins are continuous and full of news about the coronavirus pandemic. It can be overwhelming to see the data on infections and people dying, and to hear stories about overcrowded hospitals. Although these stories are serious and there are many tragedies, it can be overwhelming to constantly hear this type of news. Try limiting your viewing time of the news items to once or twice a day. This ensures you can do other things, are not constantly bombarded with bad news, and have time to process the main developments. This keeps you in a more positive mindset.

Stay in Touch

When so many people are living in isolation from families and friends there has never been a better time to stay in touch. Write that email to a friend, join a WhatsApp group with colleagues, or Facetime with family. You can wave to a neighbor across the street or pick up the phone to make that call to a relative. There are ways to send your messages of goodwill and it will keep you connected with others.

It’s OK to Not Be Ok

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented situation that most people have not experienced in their lifetimes. It is a frightening experience and one that is traumatic for many people. Do recognize that it is ok to not feel ok. This is normal and you can get support. Talk to a friend or reach out to one of the many support networks and counseling services that are available in your area and online. You are not on your own and by getting support you will feel stronger and able to maintain that positivity you need to overcome the challenges of this extraordinary situation.

Transformations Treatment Center has a lot of resources to help people who are feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the Coronavirus outbreak. If you feel you need support to cope,look after yourself by starting the journey today and giving them a call.

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