Life Skills

We offer Life Skills as part of our PHP program to assist clients in learning how to live life independently.  When clients are admitted to Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center many of them need to learn, re-learn or improve their living skills to become productive members of society.

Activities of Daily Living

We offer healthy education and skill building in the areas of healthy eating, personal hygiene, proper grooming techniques etc. Everything is individualized based on client needs assessment.

Interpersonal and Communications Skills

We offer communication and interpersonal skills training at Transformations. Learning how to communicate effectively in sobriety is an extremely important skill to learn to build a sober support network and promote recovery progress.

Work and School Tasks

Many clients need help with FMLA and/or organizational skills when they come into treatment. We offer this education and assistance, including resume building and interviewing tips, as part of their program as we know how important this is in supporting clients post treatment.

Money Management

Budgeting, menu planning and meal prep are all important parts of daily living. We take clients grocery shopping weekly and provide them with a budget and a list of healthy items to purchase to empower them to continue this life skill when they leave treatment.

Stress Management

Managing triggers and stressors is an essential part of being able to sustain sobriety, therefore, we take the time to teach clients relaxation techniques, assertiveness skills and healthy ways of communicating their needs.


We take a mind, body, spirit approach to treatment and offer clients the opportunity to exercise on a regular basis, meditate and attend meetings.


Our discharge coordinators link clients to community resources such as housing, follow up appointments and continuing care to promote independence in early recovery. Our clinical team will assist in developing a weekly schedule for clients who are discharging to maintain the structure provided in treatment. This may help decrease feelings of anxiety and potential for relapse.

Housing and Maintaining a Healthy Environment

An unhealthy, messy environment is a direct reflection of a person’s mental state and how they feel about themselves. We educate clients on how to maintain their living environment to reflect a healthy and productive life.

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