10 Good Reasons to Start Treatment Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Mental health and substance abuse issues seldom resolve themselves. The road to recovery often feels overwhelming. Those who struggle with these problems often put treatment off for another day, thinking it may be easier later. If this sounds familiar, please know that you’re not alone.

There are treatment options available for mental health concerns and substance use disorders. Research shows that professional, guided treatment is much more effective than trying to recover alone. If you want to win your battle, you’re going to need help. Why put it off another day? There are several good reasons to start treatment over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some of the biggest reasons why people choose this time to begin their recovery.

1. Insurance deductibles will probably reset on January 1.

Cost is an important consideration. Though most treatment centers are willing to work with patients on cost, most people rely on insurance for the bulk of payment. Insurance deductibles usually reset at the end of the year. This makes Thanksgiving a great time for treatment. Because it’s November, you probably already met your deductible (or most of it) earlier this year. That means your insurance may pay for most (or all) of your treatment. You can call (877) 393-5217 to verify your insurance and get a cost estimate now.

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2. You won’t miss school, work and other obligations.

Thanksgiving break is downtime for most people. Students almost always have a week off to celebrate the holiday with family and most jobs give one or two days of leave for the occasion, too. If you start treatment during Thanksgiving break, you may miss less school or work. This usually isn’t a busy season for anyone. People are less likely to question where you’re going or how long you’ll be gone and most people have fewer obligations over Thanksgiving break. That makes it the ideal time to rest, relax and focus on yourself.

3. Treatment provides a routine that encourages recovery.

Research shows that a routine improves treatment outcomes, whether you’re struggling with mental health issues or a drug use disorder. A daily routine gives your life structure and meaning. You’re much less likely to engage in harmful behaviors when you’re focused and engaged. If you’re home with no work and no school, it’s easy for your mind to focus on depressing thoughts or seek harmful substances. Treatment creates a routine during Thanksgiving break, which is when you need one most.

4. Treatment helps you identify triggers, which is helpful for the holiday season.

Many people struggle with recovery because they fail to recognize important triggers. A trigger is anything that creates a negative emotional response. These emotional responses often lead to relapses in sobriety or mental health. You can help prevent depressive episodes and relapses by recognizing your triggers. Treatment can help. Our treatment options help patients identify triggers and learn how to cope with them. We provide healthy alternatives to unhealthy behaviors or substances. The timing couldn’t be better, either. The holiday season starts just after Thanksgiving and it can be full of triggers. Many people struggle with mental health and substance abuse over the holidays due to these triggers. By learning to recognize the triggers now, you’re setting yourself up for better success in the coming months.

5. Sobriety is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or a loved one.

The holidays are all about your loved ones. We shower the people we love with gifts to show them we care. What’s better than the gift of mental health? Many of the issues we treat (like depression, anxiety, alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders) greatly limit your quality of life. Imagine what freedom would be like. Most patients agree that recovery is more precious than any other gift. If you’re considering treatment for yourself or a loved one, please remember that, while it’s not a flashy or sentimental gift, it’s often more appreciated.

6. Treatment lets you enjoy Thanksgiving without temptation.

Thanksgiving is relaxing and pleasant, but it’s also full of temptations for those who struggle with drug addiction or mental health conditions. When you’re surrounded by family and friends, you’re also given easy access to drugs and alcohol. Stressful family gatherings may also lead to depression or anxiety. When you enroll in a treatment program, you are removing these hindrances and setting yourself up for success.

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7. You can avoid questions from family and friends.

While some people suffer in silence, many patients tell family and friends about their struggles with drug and alcohol use or depression. That often leads to intrusive questions at family gatherings. While your relatives may have great intentions, it’s hard to deal with these types of questions when you’re just trying to enjoy a family meal. If you enroll in treatment now, you can avoid these situations entirely. Treatment counselors can also provide helpful strategies for dealing with these questions so you’re prepared for holiday gatherings.

8. You may find support and realize you’re not alone.

Many patients struggle most with one overwhelming thought: that they’re completely alone. While many people struggle with mental health and substance abuse, it’s hard to remember that when you’re in the trenches. Treatment helps you see the situation more clearly. The truth is that you’re not alone. There are other people just like you who face the same struggles you face. Some people can help. They’re on your side and they’re just a phone call away.

9. Treatment provides safety.

Perhaps most importantly, treatment provides safety when you need it most. Whether you enroll in outpatient or residential treatment, you will find security and safety. People will check on you daily and make sure you’re doing well. They’ll provide healthy alternatives to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. You will have access to counseling and support groups. You may even have medication if needed. Residential treatment goes one step further, providing 24/7 supervision to keep triggers at bay and ensure patients stay safe. When you’re on the road to recovery, you need help. You need protection and security and treatment gives you both.

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10. You will be home for the holiday season.

While Thanksgiving is a fun holiday, it’s only the start of the holiday season. When you go through treatment over Thanksgiving break, you still have the entire Christmas season to look forward to. Even better, you can enjoy the holidays with your loved ones without the influence of drugs, alcohol and intrusive thoughts. You may feel like a new person once you complete treatment and that’s well worth the short-term investment now.

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