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About Devora Shabtai

Program Manager of Jewish Track Devora (Jackie) Shabtai holds a Master’s of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and a Master's of Science in the Psychology of Religion from Glyndwr University, UK. She has worked in a variety of clinical and research settings including the Center for Anxiety in Manhattan, the JPSYCH Lab, and Palm Partners addiction treatment center. In addition to clinical work, Devora has an interest in empirical research and has co-authored several peer reviewed articles and book chapters on relationships between Jewish spirituality and psychological well-being, as well as serves on several committees related to the integration of Judaism and Mental Health. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in the psychology of religion in the University of Warwick's Center for Education Studies. As Program Manager of the Jewish-Faith Based Track, Devora collaborates with the clinical team in providing opportunities for our clients of Jewish faith to draw upon their individual spiritual, cultural, and religious identities throughout the course of treatment.

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