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How Therapy Is Essential in Treating Drug Addiction

When it comes to treating drug addiction, there are layers of aspects of what works best and how the treatment is approached. While detox is an essential part of treating substance abuse, it is just one factor. One of the most important elements in drug addiction recovery is therapy. Here is why it is essential…

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How to Heal When You’ve Grown Up with Alcoholic Parents

An alcoholic home is often one of chaos and instability, causing lasting effects for children exposed to this type of unpredictable environment. According to the available research, more than 11 million American children under the age of 18 live in a family with at least one alcoholic parent. The effects of parental alcoholism can be severe, and…

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Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs: What You Need to Know

Prescription drugs are something that most of us need at some point in our lives. When taken correctly, most do exactly what they should without repercussions. Yet, many prescription drugs are addictive and cause adverse effects. Here is what to know about prescription drugs. What are some of the most addictive, that facts and figures,…

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How to Stay Positive in a Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times with a global pandemic affecting all corners of society. From news bulletins to quarantine, daily life has changed beyond all recognition. Staying positive is a challenge right now but is vital to get through the situation. Read on for some ideas on how you can stay positive during a pandemic.

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reduce stress

Spirituality for Mental Health: Five Ways to Reduce Stress

In troubling times, it can be easy to fall prey to stress. Sudden demands upon your time or financial difficulties can all contribute towards anxiety and stress. If you’re unable to reduce stress it can lead to unhelpful coping mechanisms such as alcohol dependency or drug use. Whilst you can always get help with a range of…

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How do I Hold an Intervention? Your Step-by-Step Guide

Witnessing addiction destroy a loved one is a tragic event, but it’s one that countless people experience every year. If this is your current reality, you may be wondering what you can do to help. In many instances, this invariably raises the question of how to hold an intervention. First, it’s important to not take your queues from “reality” television. The following process can help you get it done right.

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How to Manage Anxiety

How to Manage Anxiety in the Face of a Global Health Crisis

It’s no secret, the COVID-19 pandemic has literally changed the world as we know it. Filled with fear and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, much of the world is becoming increasingly anxious as the days go on. Nevertheless, maintaining sound mental health is important to maintaining a good bill of health overall. Rather than allowing…

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Social distancing

Effective ways to Communicate with those who won’t Practice Social Distancing

People are more likely to practice social distancing through support and appreciation from fellow members of society. Considerate behavior is often inspired, not coerced. Each person has a special role in the crisis.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Response and Updates for Clients, Families, and Referents Read More