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there is hope with anxiety disorder

There Is Hope With Anxiety Disorder Treatment Options

With an anxiety disorder being the most common mental illness in the United States, you or someone you love may feel the effects. For those who…

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SMART Recovery: What You Need to Know

If you (or someone you know and love) have a drug addiction, you will hit “rock bottom.” When that happens, the SMART Recovery program may look like a viable solution to your problem. But, at “rock bottom,” it’s difficult to make a decision that will impact the rest of your life as you know it.

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how to prevent relapse in recovery

How to Prevent Relapse While in Recovery

When you engaged in long-term abuse of alcohol or drugs you may have damaged brain function. These damaged brain cells will not resolve in the early stages of sobriety. This is one contributing factor to relapse.

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family memeber support guide

Family Member Support Guide – The Stages of Family Involvement in Recovery

To see a loved family member, whether it is a child, a parent or a sibling, go through the struggles of a substance use disorder is painful. It can be easy to avoid the situation or pretend it isn’t that bad, but ultimately for the successful recovery of this loved one it is important for family to confront the issue, encourage treatment and to play active and supportive roles in recovery.

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offers insight into faith and substance use

Christian Group Therapy Offers Insights into Faith and Substance Use

Drug and alcohol dependency touch every area of a person’s life. Lost in the twilight of addiction, men and women struggle against feelings of despair, searching for a pathway that will lead them back into the light. For many, that pathway can be found through surrender to a Higher Power. Christ and His eternal message of love, forgiveness and redemption can provide the inspiration for change, along with the hope that change is truly possible.

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the role of community in christian and faithbased tx

The Role of Community in Christian and Faith-Based Treatment

People enrolled in faith-based rehab programs have chosen an ambitious path to healing. Life transformation is their ultimate goal, and their recovery from addiction is their launching point to a new and better future. For those who experience drug and alcohol dependency as a spiritual crisis, faith-based treatment programs can be ideal. Their therapy sessions will incorporate highly valuable religious or spiritual perspectives and insights, which can only aid their attempts to get clean and sober. Their time in faith-based recovery will give them the chance to forge a closer relationship with God, and with others who share their interest in spiritual matters.

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addiction development in early childhood

Addiction and Psychosocial Development in Early Childhood

Substance abuse and addiction are very complicated issues, but contributing factors may be a result of poor, delayed or incomplete psychosocial development. Psychosocial skills and values, such as trust, self-identity, competence and purpose, are important for functioning normally within society.

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college campus

Hazing and the Medical Amnesty Act on College Campuses

In the U.S., many students enrolled in colleges and universities take part in a dangerous practice called binge drinking. Some of these students drink voluntarily, while others do so under coercion during a hazing ritual. Whatever the reason for binge drinking, the activity can lead to life-threatening alcohol poisoning and other serious problems.

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