Caring For Those Who Contributed

When an NFL player retires from the game, the injuries and trauma sustained throughout their career are carried with them for the rest of their lives. Long after the cleats get hung up and the sound of cheering fades away, the physical and emotional

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Pain: A Good Excuse or Your Greatest Gift?

Sitting in a prison cell, I could use my time becoming bitter over the cards I was dealt. Or I could choose to become a better person. Having surrendered my life and will over to God, I decided to invest in learning how to be the man God intended me

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An In-Depth Analysis of Cross Addiction and Co-Occurring Addictions


Cross addiction and co-addiction both complicate recovery from substance abuse disorder because they involve multiple addictions.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the definition of cross addiction

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Transforming a Shattered Identity

I was raised in Tyler, Texas—formally known as the Rose Capital of the U.S. But to anyone who lived there, it was football country. It was the land of pick-up trucks, church on Sunday, and Friday Night Lights.

I wasn’t the only NFL player to c

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What if Sobriety Isn’t Fun?

A few months ago, I got the pleasure of being in my sister’s wedding. Before we got to her big day, all the bridesmaids got together and threw her a bride-to-be party. The party started with high energy, and one of the bridesmaids poured shots for

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Who came up with New Year’s Resolutions?

Whoever they were, they must have been a masochist. I have seldom seen a person stick to their resolutions; more often, I have witnessed the guilt and upset that comes from falling short of lofty goals. D

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12 Ways to Stay Sober and Sane for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a crazy time of the year, and staying sober and sane for the holidays can be a challenge. With all the heavy traffic, crowded malls with last-minute shoppers, travel delays, and just the stress of reuniting with family and

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Alumni Services: Community Collaboration

I recently got the opportunity to attend the Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS) Collaborative in Malibu, California and was asked to share my experience. Allow me to break down what an amazing time it was.

First off, I got invited t

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I Never Knew Addiction Affected My Life

I was raised in a stable safe home, by a single mother that often struggled to make ends meet.

We didn’t have a lot but we always had each other and I always knew I was loved, a lot.  My parents ended their very short lived marriage by the time

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