The Insanity of a Family Disease

During my twenty-five year career in substance abuse treatment, I’ve frequently heard family members (and clients) insist that "Alcohol isn't his/her/my problem - drugs are!" and "Alcoholism isn't his/her/my problem - addiction is!" as if the same principles of recovery from chemical dependency don't apply to any dysfunctional situation where alcohol either isn't present or isn't present enough to be identified as the primary drug-of-choice.

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Lessons I’ve Learned in Recovery: Part 1

By: Lisa Blomgren, Transformations Alumni Coordinator Lesson 1: Someone Else’s Recovery Does Not Have to Be Mine When I first got sober, I would fluctuate through periods of being very…

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What Is MDMA Poisoning, and Is It Treatable

What Is MDMA Poisoning, and Is It Treatable?

Certain drugs, such as MDMA or ecstasy, have become increasingly popular and are commonly referred to as club drugs. They’re mostly used at bars, parties and dance clubs and cause…

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Storm Updates

Hurricane Idalia We want all our clients’ families and loved ones to know that our Crisis Management Team is closely monitoring Hurricane Idalia and we are taking all the necessary…

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New Beginnings. Kind Of.

By: Michael Murphy, Manager of Alumni Services Ahhh yes. “New Beginnings.” One of the many phrases we will hear routinely in recovery. Especially in early recovery. And why not? I…

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Families Beyond the Badges

By: Joey R., Transformations Alumnus On November 14, 2018, something happened in Delray Beach, Florida. Transformations Treatment Center jumped in to assist a police veteran that lost his way or…

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How to Seek Help if You Are Suicidal

Many people have thoughts of suicide at some point in their lives. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that you have some kind of mental flaw. Instead,…

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Bill W. (2012) Documentary

Bill W. (2012) documentary Many of us have read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and are very familiar with the story of Bill W., but there is so much more…

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Identity Crisis 101

By: Mike Murphy, Manager of Alumni Services For as long as I can remember, one of the main things I have always struggled with is my identity. Who am I?…

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The Three A’s of Change: Awareness, Acceptance, Action!

Imagine yourself in a dark, foul-smelling room.  Every time you take a step, you trip over shadowy objects littering the floor.  Tired and frustrated from the stumbles and falls, you clear out a corner and try to make the best of the situation by i

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