Transformed in Recovery: Three Years and Counting

When I first got sober, people kept telling me I was going to have a life beyond my wildest dreams. At that time, my wildest dreams were made up of millions of dollars and houses all over the world. As I stayed sober and slowly broke free from self-c

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Purpose in Life Improves Treatment Outcome

By: Jamie Salsberg, LCSW, CAP, MPH, Assistant Clinical Director for Transformations

When a client comes into treatment with an addiction, there is inevitably something underneath it. I typically ask, what is this person really addicted to?  We’

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The Importance of Continuing Care After Addiction Treatment

Due to the chronic nature of drug and alcohol addiction, relapse after treatment, 40 to 60 percent by some estimates, is an unfortunate reality for many people. Before someone enters a rehab facility, they should already be thinking about their after

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The Pain of Addiction

By: Jason C., Transformations alumnus


I have spent my whole life trying to avoid pain

Its always been a constant, always the same


“Don’t speak, don’t feel, you’re nothing,” is what I knew 

In the broken hous

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Addiction Treatment: A Life Saver for so Many

By: Dr. Maureen Esposito, Ph.D., CAP, LMHC, LMFT

Twenty three years seems like a long time to be in one career field now- a -days, but for me it seems like just a moment in time. When you like your job it does not seem like work at all. As a licen

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New Year’s Resolution: 5 Reasons to Get Clean

It’s that time of year when many people are making vows to lose weight, to stop spending so much money, to work on old projects that haven’t been finished and to treat those that they love a bit better. Phone calls to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers

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A Junkie’s Christmas

It’s sometime in November of 2014. My memory fails me often, because of the haze I was in. Snow draped over the treetops and there was beauty to be found in this cold and white place- but I couldn’t see it. A week before I tried falling as hard as I

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It Matters to Them

I’m driving through Delray Beach with a friend. 

Tears in her eyes she asks, “How do you keep doing it? How do get up in the morning?” My friend just got done telling me that someone close to her had just passed away from a heroin overdose.

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Jamestown, NY: Inaccuracy of Drug Overdose Statistics and the Lack of Funding for Recovery Resources

In cases of drug overdose fatalities, death certificates can fail to cite the correct cause of death. Why is this a problem? The accurate classification of overdoses is important when it comes to determining the distribution of limited state and fede

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Response and Updates for Clients, Families, and Referents Read More