Jamestown, NY: Inaccuracy of Drug Overdose Statistics and the Lack of Funding for Recovery Resources

In cases of drug overdose fatalities, death certificates can fail to cite the correct cause of death. Why is this a problem? The accurate classification of overdoses is important when it comes to determining the distribution of limited state and fede

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Alcohol is My Mistress

By Jason C., Transformations alumnus

We met each other so early in life 
You promised to take away all my strife
Through my ups, my downs, you were always there
You made me think my life was fair
Soon I longed for you almost every night

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Former Platoon Sergeant Maintains Sobriety by Volunteering in the Community

 When it comes to rehab and recovery, we don’t always look at the bigger picture. Oftentimes, having an underlying mental health disorder can lead to drug or alcohol addiction. Many of our nation’s veterans struggling with a substance use disord

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Addiction’s Emotional Arsenal: How My Son Used Our Love Against Us

By: Susan Collins, mother of Transformations alumnus

My son was born on March 31, 1988. He was a beautiful baby boy, peaches and cream with reddish blond hair. For the first year of his life he was all sunshine.  When you would go to get him in t

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Transformations Alumni Spotlight: Joey Rafferty

Sgt. Joseph F. Rafferty III resigned from the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office after serving 25 years on the force. Besides his duties as a Sergeant in charge of warrants and internal affairs, he was also a SWAT negotiator and involved in the counter-

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Drug Overdoses and the Good Samaritan Act

In 2016, over 64,000 Americans lost their lives due to a drug overdose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the highest increase was among synthetic opioids, with over 20,000 deaths attributed to fentanyl and fentanyl a

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Building Bridges: TPAS and Beyond

“As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inward. Build bridges instead of walls.” – Chief Justice Sonya Sotomayor

With over two years of work experien

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A Mother’s Story: Getting My Son into Treatment

On October 31st, my son celebrated one year of sobriety! What better way to put it? It’s a celebration, one of which I prayed many nights to happen. Through the much needed support, guidance and trust of Josh Gamaitoni (former Client Services Rep),

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Illicit Drug Use in Illinois: Drug Courts as an Alternative to Conviction

Nationwide, the Illinois Department of Corrections has one of the highest inmate populations in the United States. The Illinois’ prison population, designed for a maximum capacity of 32,000 inmates, is now at an all-time high of close to 50,000.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Response and Updates for Clients, Families, and Referents Read More