Serenity Lounge Treatment

Based on the science of stress relief, it is designed to relax the body, quiet the mind and calm emotions. After a 30-minute session, the client is in a much more receptive frame of mind for positive messaging and learning how to embrace mindfulness that can help with achieving sobriety.

Eligibility for Treatment

All approved clients can use our two Serenity Lounges. Clients go through a consistent rotation giving them roughly two to three 30-minute sessions in a 30-day period. During the course of the program there may be other times when the nursing staff recommends additional sessions.

The Benefits of Using the Serenity Lounge

The Serenity Lounge enables clients to learn how to make positive, emotional shifts through specific breathing processes and guided imagery. Clients become aware of the fact that they have the power within to shift out of unhealthy or distorted thinking patterns and emotions. Clients are able to go from feeling stress, anger, frustration, and anxiety to a feeling appreciation, gratitude compassion, or love.

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