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The Music Studio

At Transformations we believe in giving our clients the best possible treatment. Continuing this level of quality was integral when designing our new SoundPath studio by choosing only high quality parts and equipment for our addiction music therapy. From our microphones to the sound balancing effect of our walls we’ve put a lot into our studio so our clients can get a lot out of it.

We’ve chosen Telefunken tribe-powered microphones to provide a natural, warm and full sound. Our pre-amps are a smaller version of what you would find in a high-end studio in Nashville or New York, the ones that give that classic sound, plus more.

The real impact of the program, however, doesn’t come from our equipment, it comes from the team. Serg and his team allow the clients to find their own sound. They encourage them to find their true identity and then put it towards their music. Clients are encouraged to open up and express themselves in a healthy way. In this way when clients are sober and have a good relationship with themselves, the music becomes a beneficial tool vs. something that is used to drown our their sorrows.

The SoundPath Studio is more than the gear, more than the walls; It’s another stop on the path to recovery one that brings our clients together with music and support from our team.

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