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Family Outreach Services

Research shows that family engagement in the treatment and recovery process has a profound effect on positive outcomes.

In an effort to further address drug and alcohol addiction we recognize the importance of engaging family members. We understand the need for families to be heard at all levels of the treatment and recovery process.

In doing so we will reduce the percentage of individuals leaving treatment without the best possible post-treatment plan in place. By engaging the family immediately after admission and working closely with them throughout the process, we will help families set boundaries that encourage their loved one to make the best decisions for their recovery.

Overall we understand that the majority of our clients live with, or depend on, at least one family member. We know that after treatment an individual may not be able to make the best decisions for their own recovery. Bearing this in mind, we seek to empower the family to set boundaries encouraging the best course of post-treatment available.

We also recognize that relapse can be part of the recovery process. When relapse occurs we will be there to help the family re-plan and help their loved one get back on track. We believe that catching relapse early through accountability and verification measures gives us the best chance to redirect the individual before serious consequences occur Our goal is to empower clients and families to achieve sustained recovery and to lead happy and purposeful lives!.

Our Family Outreach Services include:

  • Real-time support by text and phone from a trained professional
  • Regular family check-ins
  • Family conference calls supporting recovery and addressing relapse
  • Help in planning, guidance, and boundary setting
  • Ongoing support as needed

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