Christian and Faith-Based Addiction Treatment is Highly Effective
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Christian and Faith-Based Addiction Treatment is Highly Effective
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Christian Rehab Florida – Faith-Based Addiction Treatment is Highly Effective

How effective is a faith based treatment program?

Studies have shown that people who choose a faith-based (Christian) approach to addiction recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober. The Christian drug rehab programs at Transformations Treatment Center is composed of professionally trained clinicians who care and are committed Christians. Individuals in recovery and their families can be assured that our protocol will not conflict with Scripture. Our staff is dedicated to providing Christ-centered counseling and the integration of sound psychological practices in the recovery process. We provide individualized care and group therapy to treat the entire person physically, psychologically and spiritually.


Transformations Treatment Center Christian-Based Rehabilitation Programs

Transformations Treatment Center offers a number of faith-based courses of treatment, counseling and study. These include:

  • Where is the image of God In You– A course of study which addresses defects of character in scriptural/Godly ways. (Adapted from Turning Point Ministries)
  • Twelve Step Christianity – Group meetings which discuss the Christian addiction protocol roots and application of the twelve steps from a Biblical perspective. (Adapted from the work of Saul Selby)
  • Grace Walk– Individuals learn to enjoy life the way God intendeds it to be, free from things that get in the way of a believer’s walk with Christ. (Adapted from the work of Steve McVey)
  • Spiritual Principles for Christians– This Christian drug rehab program addresses the spiritual principles and how a believer can use them in their everyday walk with the Lord.
  • Christian gender groups– Discussion groups designed to address men’s and women’s issues in today’s world. Group topics vary from week to week.

Simple Power of Prayer

Heaven is full of answers to prayers for which no one ever bothered to ask.

– Billy Graham

Across all religions and beliefs, faith and prayer are inseparable. Prayer is a fundamental part of each individual’s relationship with God. Because at Transformations Christian drug addiction treatment, we believe in the power of prayer, every person is allocated time daily for reflections, prayer, devotions and study. Each individual chooses his or her own form of prayer, and this time provides them the opportunity to strengthen their Christian relationship with God.

Receiving attention for drug or alcohol abuse is a commendable decision and should be encouraged and supported. When a person commits to getting clean and sober, a strong Christian care center support network helps ensure success and decreases the risk of relapse.


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Transformations Christian & Faith Based Treatment Programs For Drug and Alcohol Addictions


My God has blessed me with not only a second chance at life, but a second chance at actually living life the right way.”

-Zachary H.


Transformations Treatment Center is a partial hospitalization (PHP) addiction treatment program that offers individualized care for men and women. Our Delray Beach, Florida substance abuse rehabilitation facility offers both traditional track programs, based on the 12-steps, and a Christian-based treatment program for alcohol use disorders, drug use disorders and co-occurring disorders. Once PHP treatment is complete, clients can step down to our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) or Outpatient (OP) treatment programs.


How Effective is a Faith-Based Treatment Program?


Studies have shown that people who choose a faith-based (Christian) approach to addiction recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober. Anyone looking for Christian drug rehabs should take a look at the Christian program at Transformations Treatment Center. This treatment program is composed of professionally trained counselors who are devoted Christians who use a Christ-centered approach to addiction treatment.


Individuals in recovery, and their families, can rest assured that our Christian treatment protocol will not conflict with Scripture. Our staff is dedicated to providing Christ-centered counseling and the integration of sound psychological practices in the recovery process. We provide individualized care and create a treatment plan that includes personal counseling and group therapy sessions to treat each person on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.


Who is the Christian Treatment Program for?

Our Christian alcohol rehab program is for anyone who is seeking Christ-centered treatment. This program is led by master-level therapists who work with clients to incorporate Christian values into their everyday program of recovery.

Each client in our faith-based treatment program is assigned a Christian therapist. In addition to the closed Christian Process Group sessions, clients in the Christian track can also go to 12-step meetings and any of the open, secular groups if they choose.

Every Sunday afternoon, new clients in the Christian track are welcomed to the Transformations family. Our current Christian rehab clients host a meeting to welcome incoming clients in the Christian program and offer them peer support as they take the first steps towards sobriety.


Faith-Based Addiction Treatment


Our Christian treatment track offers a spiritual addiction treatment program for clients battling drug or alcohol substance use disorders.


Christ-Centered Therapy Sessions


The Transformations Christian drug and alcohol rehab program helps clients overcome their addiction and strengthens their relationship with God. The Christian program includes:


  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Spiritual Advisement
  • Daily Chapel
  • Life Skills
  • Recreational Events
  • Celebrate Recovery Meetings
  • Christian Program Events


Our Christian Process Group is a closed group for everyone in the Christian program. Group sessions meet on a daily basis and give clients an opportunity to meet with Christian therapists and discuss their personal struggles from a Christian perspective. The group also focuses on how to build a support system of Christian people within recovery.


Transformations also offers a number of open, faith-based group sessions. These groups are open to anyone, which means clients don’t have to be in the Christian program to attend these sessions.


  • Religion vs. Spirituality
    • Can a person be spiritual and not religious? This group defines spirituality and religion and discusses them as both separate yet connected ideas.
  • Christian 12-Steps
    • Group meetings which take a look at the Christian 12 steps to sobriety and how they can be applied to the recovery process using a biblical perspective.
  • Guilt & Shame
    • This group is structured so clients can recognize the difference between guilt and shame and give them the ability to properly move out of shame into God’s forgiveness and grace.
  • Christianity 101
    • This group provides clients a safe space to ask questions about the roots and foundations of Christianity according to the bible.


Exploring Spiritual Side of Recovery


Transformations has a program for clients that come in looking for a Christian drug rehab center as well as clients that come in looking for traditional treatment and then find out that we have a Christian program.  We run open group sessions for clients that are just exploring the Christian track as well as groups for clients that come in specifically for the Christian track.


As mentioned earlier, the Christian Process group is a closed group for clients in the Christian treatment program. This group meets every afternoon and is run by Christian therapists. This program uses a Christian approach to recovery therapy, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and trauma.


Our Christian therapists also meet with clients for personal counseling sessions and we have a staff member who oversees our daily chapel, in a kind of chaplain-type role for clients. He also sits down and does Spiritual Advisement with them, so that they can establish their spiritual health while they’re in treatment.


Restoring Hope – Changing Lives – Creating Purpose


The Christian Process group is one of our largest group sessions and is specifically for our Christian clients. It’s almost like a second caseload group, but with a specific focus, a Christian focus.  The Christian Process group lets our clients connect with the same group of people, on a daily basis, who have some of the same beliefs as they do. This group lets them speak openly about their faith, about their struggles with faith, about the Bible, about God, prayer and all different subjects.


Our Christian recovery programs are another way that Transformations is able to offer people seeking treatment individualized care based on their unique needs and specific beliefs. The therapists that work in the Christian track are Christians themselves, who are involved in their local church services.  Our Christian treatment program helps guide clients and provides them with therapeutic resources who counsel and support from a strong Christian perspective. This experience is different from the experience in other groups that are more secular.


Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-step program for anyone struggling with addiction. Meetings are held off site and offer clients a safe place to find community and spend time with others in fellowship. Clients in the Christian Program can attend Celebrate Recovery meetings almost every day.


On the days they don’t get the option to attend Celebrate Recovery, clients can attend Recovery Church on Wednesday nights as well as Bible study on Monday nights. This is a really great opportunity and a lot of our clients that have recently left treatment, after completing our program, have stayed connected with people they met in Recovery Church and Celebrate Recovery meetings. These meetings, which often become their home group, are also where they are able to find a sponsor.


Sometimes our Christian clients have a difficult time connecting to people who don’t have their same beliefs. They actually give their higher power a name.  They’ll call their higher power God or Jesus and when they can meet people who are in recovery that are also Christian, and share those same values, they feel really connected on a deep emotional and spiritual level.


Treatment and Recovery Through Spirituality


In addition to the Christian program, Transformations also offers many spiritual and religious groups for anyone wanting to explore that side of recovery.  Besides the Christian Process Group, our Christian program staff also run open groups that are for clients who want to learn more about the religious side of recovery.


We have groups like Christianity 101, How to Read the Bible and Guilt and Shame. These open groups are for anyone interested in exploring recovery from a Christian perspective. This is where clients can focus on things like; “What does God say about this” or “What does the Bible say about that?” We have many groups that clients who are not on the Christian track can attend, but we also have groups that only for clients in the Christian program.


In addition to the Celebrate Recovery and Bible studies, Transformations offers many other social and recreational activities for clients in the Christian program. We try to find fun events that are happening in the community and we take the time to find local worship concerts or Christian-focused events that we can offer to our clients.  For example, on Good Friday, we made sure that they were set up to go to a service, at a local church that was putting on a special Easter program.


We try to offer clients the option to attend church services on all the major holidays. We are always looking for different things that the community is putting on, there are a lot of big churches in the area that put on a lot of really fun events.  Our operations staff is really great about just trying to make it work to get the Christian clients there so that they can experience the fun side of recovery, it’s not just about attending individual therapy and group sessions in our clinical building.


Transformations takes a holistic approach to treatment – how recovery is all about wellbeing – and treating each client from a mind, body, spirit perspective. So, if somebody comes in and says they’re spiritual, but not necessarily Christian, then they can attend any of our open Christian groups.  But we also have multiple groups that are focused on spirituality that are not necessarily focused on a Christian perspective.  We offer many different meditation sessions and process groups that discuss subjects like what is religion versus spirituality.


Clients are given opportunities to find that spiritual connection even if they are not Christian, and we have other, non-Christian staff members that run some of our other spiritual groups. For example, someone could be in our Adult Program, but they don’t want to specifically be in the Christian program. There are many options for them to explore the spiritual side of recovery.


A client can be in our Young Adult Program, following a traditional track, and mention that they’re a Buddhist and we will find a spiritual-based group that’s the right fit for them.  This goes back to our emphasis on individualized care, and how it is possible for them to follow a spiritual path without being Christian. Our treatment program allows clients to find a higher power that makes sense to them; God, Christ, Buddha – whatever their beliefs are that lets them feel connected to their religion or their spirituality.


All addiction treatment programs at Transformations offer rehab and recovery from a spiritual perspective. But our faith-based program is strictly for anyone that says they are Christian. So, for someone coming into any of our Christian-focused groups, or the Christian Process group for Christian clients, we’re not going to just talk about spirituality. Rather, we’re going to be talking specifically about Christianity.


Our programs and process groups are always evolving and changing based on the needs of our clients.  Our counselors and therapists take a hard look at what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the needs of our clients. Sometimes we’ll even take direction directly from clients, they’ll teach us what they really need.  They’ll say what specifically they are looking for in treatment and we’ll develop new groups based on what our clients are asking for, this really goes back to our being able to offer individualized care.


Differences Between Religion and Spirituality


Spirituality and faith can be powerful allies in recovery. Religious and spiritual practice and belief in a higher power have been fundamental aspects of addiction treatment since its earliest days. Finding or reigniting spiritual identity offers people in treatment and recovery the ability to find new meaning in their lives and a new source for personal resilience.


Religious affiliation may also help people find a new sense of belonging within a healthful and supportive faith community. The Transformations Christian and faith-based program employs masters-level Christian therapists who are experts in combining treatment with Christian principles and spirituality-based 12-Step work. Transformations also takes part in the renowned Celebrate Recovery program and offers church services, biblical study sessions and prayer groups in the Transformations on-site chapel.


Getting in touch with your spiritual side while in recovery can be an important element towards leading a happier, more fulfilled and peaceful life. Incorporating a Christian or spiritual part into an addiction treatment program can be very helpful for anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol substance use disorder.


Faith-based questions to ask in recovery are things like:


  • Where am I spiritually?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • How do I get there?

Transformations offers evidence-based addiction treatment based on the latest evidence and developments in medical science. Spiritual beliefs, practices and perspectives can complement the scientific approach during recovery, giving men and women with substance use disorders extra sources of wisdom and insight to guide them as they seek a healthier path.


Importance of Spirituality in Recovery


Spiritual and religious approaches have been integrated into many addiction treatment programs by numerous rehab facilities, as multiple studies have verified a positive correlation between spirituality and successful recovery from substance use disorders.


In general, people who score highly on tests designed to measure their levels of spirituality are more likely to remain abstinent following an initial period of inpatient treatment. But regardless of a client’s spiritual or religious orientation before entering rehab, choosing or being exposed to spiritual perspectives during treatment programs is associated with more successful outcomes over the long-term.


Christian Focused Counseling and Therapy


The words ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there are differences. The CliffsNotes version is that spirituality is universal and personal, while religion is particular and communal.


Spirituality refers to the belief in a transcendent reality, which includes the material world but is not bound by it. People with spiritual beliefs may see God, soul, spirit, nature or consciousness (or some combination of all) as the source of ultimate truth, and they seek personal empowerment and greater understanding of themselves and the world through direct connection with that source, whatever it might be.


Religion accepts the existence of a spiritual reality, but it removes some of the mystery and uncertainty. Religions introduce followers to established spiritual beliefs and practices, in a communal setting where traditional interpretations of spiritual experiences and intuitions are provided for the purposes of enlightenment and clarification.


Either approach (structured or individualized) can help people with substance use disorders find greater meaning, focus, optimism and a sense of purpose, and addiction treatment counselors know they must respect everyone’s beliefs without prejudice or judgment if they are to help healing and recovery.


Bringing Spirituality into Recovery


Many men and women who’ve overcome their substance abuse problems have identified their spiritual or religious beliefs as a key aspect of their recovery. In various surveys and studies, recovering addicts and alcoholics have mentioned many positive benefits that result from the inclusion of spiritual or religious practices and perspectives in treatment programs.


While in treatment, many people say their spiritual convictions:


  • Helped inspire an authentic spiritual awakening
  • Made them feel protected and supported by a higher power
  • Provided a source of guidance during their darkest hours
  • Gave them a greater sense of meaning and purpose
  • Left them filled with gratitude for the opportunity to change
  • Reinforced their determination to offer support to their peers in recovery

Looking beyond the initial period of treatment, those who merge spirituality with long-term aftercare programs are likely to enjoy such benefits as:


  • A higher quality of life
  • Greater feelings of peace and contentment
  • A sunny, eternally optimistic viewpoint
  • Involvement with a community of supportive, like-minded souls
  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety

For recovering addicts and alcoholics who feel comfortable adopting a metaphysical perspective, blending spirituality with evidence-based treatments only deepens their commitment to change.


12 Steps to Recovery Based on Christian Principles


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the original 12-step program and is based on Christian principles. The main tenant of AA is surrendering to a higher-power. “Letting go and letting God” is a powerful statement. It means that, for optimal success in recovery, one must stop giving in to old patterns, rise up, take responsibility for ones’ actions and be open to the existence of a higher power.


Participation in 12-step recovery programs, like those offered by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, is highly recommended for people looking to confirm and reinforce their strong spiritual commitment to recovery.


In 12-step programs, recovering addicts and alcoholics are asked to:

  1. Admit to being powerless over alcohol
  2. Accept that a Power greater than themselves can help restore their sanity
  3. Turn their wills and lives over to the care of God (or more specifically, their own personal interpretation of God)
  4. Perform a complete and honest moral inventory of themselves and their behavior
  5. Confess to God, themselves and other human beings the exact nature of their wrongs
  6. Willingly allow God to help remove their defects of character
  7. Humbly ask God to help them accept their shortcomings
  8. Create a list of persons they’ve harmed and then try to make amends for their behavior
  9. Make direct amends to people when possible, except when doing so would injure them or others
  10. Continue taking a personal inventory and promptly admit to their mistakes as soon as they occur
  11. Use prayer and meditation to establish more conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of God’s will and for the power to make it a reality
  12. Pass the good word on to others struggling with addiction, so they too can enjoy the benefits of a spiritual approach to healing

The goal of 12-step treatment initiatives is to unleash the power of spirituality in the service of recovery from addiction. 12-step approaches are often taught in a peer group format, as a way to maintain sobriety after rehab. But 12-step principles are sometimes incorporated into residential treatment programs as well.


12-step programs may not work for those who reject all notions of God or a transcendent reality. However, for those who believe in a Higher Power the 12-step approach can only enhance the effectiveness of evidence-based addiction treatment programs, during the initial stages of recovery and on into continuing care.


Christian Treatment Programs and Long-Term Recovery


Many partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment programs offer faith-based options, with Christian programs predominating in the United States. Christian teachings can be used to supplement individual, group and family therapy sessions and other treatment modalities.


Spiritual teachings covered during Christian group therapy sessions may include topics such as:


  • Grace Walk
  • Where is the Image of God in You?
  • Spiritual Principles for Christians
  • Simple Power of Prayer

Besides daily group sessions, clients following a Christian or faith-based program may take part in a daily chapel service and Celebrate Recovery Meetings at local churches. The effectiveness of faith-based treatment initiatives is not in dispute. Research has validated the high success rate for recovering addicts and alcoholics who embrace a spiritual outlook and willingly integrate it into every aspect of their recovery and wellness programs.


Finding a Christian Drug Rehab and the Simple Power of Prayer


Heaven is full of answers to prayers, for which no one ever bothered to ask.”

-Billy Graham


Christian or faith-based treatment programs are not the right choice for everyone. But for those who find strength in their devotion to Christ and seek love and forgiveness for their weaknesses and their transgressions, faith-based treatment may be the ideal solution.


Across all religions and beliefs, faith and prayer are inseparable. Prayer is a fundamental part of each person’s relationship with God. Transformations offers a Christian drug addiction treatment program for clients who believe in the power of prayer and are looking to pair spiritual guidance with an addiction treatment program.


Everyone following our faith-based treatment tract is allocated time for daily prayer, devotions and biblical study. Each person chooses his or her own form of prayer, and this time for daily reflection provides the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God.


Our faith-based treatment program is just one of the ways Transformations is able to offer individualized care by matching treatment to the unique and specific needs of each person seeking help.


Everyone deserves forgiveness, a fresh start and a life free from drug and alcohol addiction.


Relapse prevention is part of every client’s treatment plan at Transformations. It doesn’t matter if someone’s been through treatment 1 time or 4 times. As long as they focus on their recovery for the duration of their stay they are going to do well.


Once a client completes treatment and leaves our facility, they need to reach out to others and build a strong support system for continued success in sobriety and in life. Following a regular routine of having a job, eating healthy and nutritious food, going to the gym, and attending group meetings and church services are all great ways to stay sober and help prevent relapse.


Using a Christian Approach to Recovery


I was able to surrender my will and give it to God and allow the amazing team at Transformations start me on my healing journey and new way of life. The feelings of guilt and shame began to subside, and I was able to reconnect myself with God and others. Today I remain sober by working a 12-step program with Jesus Christ as my higher power and being involved in Celebrate Recovery as a group leader.



A faith-based approach to recovery can be highly effective for anyone with strong spiritual or religious beliefs. Learn more about how our Christian treatment program helps people in recovery connect and build a relationship with Christ.


All our treatment plans can be customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our Christian program lets clients focus on treatment from a Biblical perspective and get started on their path to recovery. Call the admissions team at Transformations Treatment Center for information on addiction treatment with a Christian focus.


Christian and Faith-Based Recovery Articles


Here are a few opportunities to read more about faith and spirituality in recovery on the Transformations blog and resource articles.


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Christian and Faith-Based Addiction Treatment is Highly Effective
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Christian and Faith-Based Addiction Treatment is Highly Effective
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