Tim Ryan
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Tim Ryan
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A tireless advocate for the long-term recovery of others

Tim Ryan is no stranger to addiction, including heroin, cocaine, other drugs and alcohol. Despite a successful business career, Tim found himself in the grips of heroin and, ultimately, was sentenced to seven years in the Sheridan Correctional Center for a number of drug-related convictions. Tim got clean and sober behind bars and was released in just 14 months.

Turning tragedy into inspiration

Six months after his release, Tim’s 20-year-old son Nick – who Tim had introduced to heroin – died tragically from an overdose. Attempting to get beyond the devastation and heartbreak, Tim used Nick’s death as the inspiration to spread a message of hope and recovery to others, believing that if even one addict or one family could be spared the horrors of the disease of addiction, he would be making a difference.

Tim Ryan
A Man In Recovery
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On the night of Dope Man’s premier, TEDxNaperville had Tim Ryan do a book signing and Q&A before the live viewing of his new show. Among Tim’s many accolades, he is also a nationally acclaimed public speaker. If you are interested in booking Tim for a speaking engagement, please visit TimRyanSpeaks.com for booking inquiries and any other information.
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9/9/17 16th Annual Walk for Recovery Washington Park, OKC Click Here
9/16/17 7th Annual We Won’t Stay Silent Run/Walk Rochester, MN Click Here
9/18-9/21 29th Annual Chicagoland Safety, Health & Environmental Conference Chicago, IL Click Here
9/24/17 Lights of Hope – The Addict’s Mom Prayer Vigil Greenville, NC Click Here
9/30/17 Rise Above Youth Leadership Summit Boynton Beach, FL Click Here
10/7/17 Big Texas Rally for Recovery Galveston, TX Click Here

If you’re looking for an addiction recovery advocate who is going to sugarcoat reality for you, then Tim Ryan is not your man. But when it comes to drug addiction, especially heroin, sometimes people need to hear the cold, hard truth.

Tim has made it his life’s mission, after surviving multiple heroin overdoses, doing jail time, and losing his son to a heroin overdose, to try and save others from the same fate that his son fell victim to.

In addition to earning his own television special, Tim is also a published author who chronicled his gut-wrenching journey through addiction, prison, loss, and recovery in his book titled, ‘From Dope to Hope: A Man in Recovery.’

From Dope to Hope: A Man in Recovery

Addiction and heroin abuse didn’t make Tim Ryan a better person, but recovery has redeemed his years. Substance abuse of heroin and alcohol stole more than half his life. But he has dedicated every waking minute since walking out of prison to dealing hope to addicts and their families.

Tim Ryan
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Tim Ryan
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