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They guided us every step of the way.

I am the mother of two daughters who’ve struggled for years with alcohol and drug addiction. Both have been clients of Transformations treatment center and both are now living sober lives in Florida. Some days I can hardly believe it! I thought this would never happen for our family but the supportive staff at transformations kept me hopeful that our family could be helped. They guided us every step of the way. Beginning with Laura Lawrence, the Director of Outpatient and Family Services, we were introduced to the program and how our family could benefit from it. Next we talked with Jason in admissions and he was pivotal in getting our daughter to detox. (She gave him a run for his money but he hung in there with her and she went). Once in the program, we had ongoing communication with the therapeutic staff. Rachel was a great therapist for my daughter and a big help to us. Having access to a family counselor and the family session we attended were really important for us. My husband and I benefited from learning what our role could be in the family’s recovery and today I feel that our family is happier and healthier than we’ve ever been and I know we have Transformations to thank for that!

Lisa T. 11/17

How Transformations Changed My Life

“I entered the program and completed all 3 phases of care. Over a 6 month period I followed their recommendations and started to get my life on track. I learned how to live as a sober person. I started with the absolute basics, how to get up on my own, make my bed, and I learned to do this on my own without being told.

Being open minded and coach-able is the key. Take the suggestions. Apply the ones that make the most sense.  I took the advice and lived in one of the halfway houses they recommended. They provided transportation between the home and the center at our scheduled treatment times. Eventually, I was able to get a job, and I was able to buy a car for the first time in 3 years. I learned to balance myself. I could now concentrate on the things that were most important and I learned when it was time to focus on the most important thing for that moment. I suddenly had enough time to do the things I wanted to, but never had time to. Call my family to see how they were doing. Create a budget. Follow a budget. Learning how to have fun while being sober. I had time to pay attention to child development techniques, so I have the skills to be a better father.  The individual and group focus that the program offers enhanced my growth at a pace that was comfortable to me. As we progressed through the program, big things didn’t seem so big anymore, the important things came to light, and working with the counselors I was able to start working on some pretty complex life issues.

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The treatment is individualized enough to enhance and advance your own personal goals without losing sight of the fact they we were all in different states of disarray. The treatment allowed me to learn from others, and to appreciate the views of more people. I learned that we all have something valuable to offer regardless of what we have or haven’t accomplished in life. I learned to find a commonality with my peers in all my affairs I learned to focus on things bigger than myself, and today, I have a great relationship with my higher power.

The path wasn’t an easy one to follow, and I watched new friends die when they fell. I’m reminded frequently that some of the people I met at treatment and became friends with on Facebook are no longer with us, and they’ll never fill the potential they once had. Eventually I got a job. I was working in a glue factory making $10 an hour. I didn’t like it very much, but it forced me to change my perspective on what I wanted out of life. I tripped and fell every step of the way, but every time I came across a barrier, I had a support group to lean on.

By the time I completed the program, I was focused and hungry for life. Today I work from home. I’m happy. If I work too many hours, I can justify it, but I also take advantage of spending lots of time with family while I work. Before I went to Transformations I never had a great job. I’ve never been in management, and I don’t have a college degree. I was a worker on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform earning small change in exchange for doing simple tasks. Today, I consult with the innovators and developers of emerging technology. I help shape the intelligence of some of the most common smart devices that millions of consumers use every day. I communicate and negotiate with CEO’s and executive board members at cutting edge tech firms.

I make a difference in the world for the first time in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am without the careful and loving care that I received from Transformations. Thank you.”

– Scott M.

Soundpath, the music program at Transformations, is amazing!

“I used to think people who talked about things like gratitude, spirituality and self acceptance were full of it and needed to go back to the hippie commune in the mountains of Vermont where they came from. But life must have quite a sense of humor, because I couldn’t be happier to write about how grateful I am for Transformations: the place where I began my spiritual journey and stepped out on a path that is leading me to self acceptance, love, forgiveness and so much more. Life is funny like that, I guess… the version of me existing (not living, just existing) six or nine months ago would have hardly spared a scoff or an eye roll for an emotional declaration like that, as certain of my own intellectual superiority as I was. The shadow of the mountain of all I “knew” was cold and lonely. I felt crushed day in and day out by the weight of my problems and the problems of the world at large, which in my egotism and self-centeredness I was somehow sure were mine to solve. I was unwilling to acknowledge the existence of a power greater than myself, I was isolated from human connection, and most of all, I was full of fear.

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Enter Transformations treatment center and a staff full of people who give so many sh*ts it makes up for a world full of people who seemed to give none. From the client liaison who picked me up the first day to the discharge coordinator who saw me off on my last, the genuine care of the staff at Transformations is evident at every turn.

I found out that I matter. I found a connection to my own higher power, being not just permitted but encouraged to explore and question my personal concept of God as I understand it. I found out that my drug and alcohol abuse, while a symptom of my problem, is not the root of it – through my therapist and the variety of groups offered at clinical every weekday, I began to explore how my fear, selfishness, and my need to be right at any cost had led me down a path of self sabotage and destruction. I came to the conclusion that I was ready to stop hurting myself and those who love me, to stop burning my life to the ground. Transformations handed me the fire extinguisher.

Soundpath, the music program at Transformations, is amazing; I cannot possibly say enough good things about the impact the program and its staff has had on my recovery, but I’ll try. I participated in a drum circle, talent show, and was part of creative writing and musical psychoeducation groups. With some help and encouragement, I rediscovered my creativity and for the very first time found that I have an ability to write music, which has now become a staple in my recovery. Through Soundpath at Transformations, I was even able to record a song that I wrote and played myself, and was able to sing, play, and collaborate with other artists, all with recovery-themed music that fed my desire to use music as a weapon in my arsenal of recovery. Songwriting is a tool I utilize for self-expression and finding peace with emotions that are either difficult to process or were inaccessible to me before sitting down to write. It is a talent I am so grateful I now have the chance to share with others, and I’m not confident that I would have ever found it without the Soundpath staff, Terry, Sergio and Brian.

Transformations isn’t just a drug and alcohol treatment center for addicts who want to stop using, it’s a place staffed from top to bottom with empathetic individuals who deeply care about the clients there. It’s a place where we can go to recover from whatever life has thrown at us, whatever we have done to ourselves in our addiction, a place where we can go to discover whatever we don’t know yet about ourselves, so that we can get on with being the people we were always freaking supposed to be in the first place and contribute to the lives of others in a meaningful way. Because, if you’re looking for a purpose like I was… Getting clean and getting outside yourself is wonderful, but helping others is where it’s at. Just like they helped me at Transformations, when I came in at my lowest, not knowing who I was or where I was going… the people there saw the good in me that I couldn’t see in myself, and nurtured it every step of the way (even when I behaved like an evil little shit, and trust me that happened.) I cannot possibly overstate my gratitude to Transformations treatment center because they helped to send me out on a path of vigorous action that I am continuing to follow in the hopes of helping others the way that they helped me.

-Tamara E

The drugs and alcohol had won, I had no life to live

“I was born in Columbus, Georgia Sept.30, 1967. M father was in the military and my mother worked in a restaurant. My first drink of alcohol was at age 6, when my father let me taste his beer he was drinking and on holidays we were allowed to drink wine. My family has made moon shine for over a 100 years now and I first had some of it at age 9 and that was it for me. I said I loved the way it made me feel and I found that it let me do all kinds of things I was afraid to do any other time. I didn’t mind the first burn of it going down as much as I did the first time I drank it…

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My mother only drank every now and then, but my dad drank heavy all the time. He had a very large bar that was always full on Fridays. We had a fish fry every week and all my family and friends would be there. We would fill up 4 garbage cans with beer and ice and a wash tub of ice and bottles of wine and us kids would hide a case of the beer just for us to drink. All the kids were in the backyard and the adults were in the front yard and we drank all of it just like that.

Every Friday night, when I was 14 I started to drink on a daily basis and I was in love with the moonshine. When I went in the military at age 19, I drank even heavier than I did at 14. I was up to a half gallon of liquor a day, every day for years and at the age of 25, I used crack cocaine for the first time. That was the one high for me I said I was in love again and I said to myself, my life will never be the same again. Little did I know how true that would turn out to be, and not for the good, that I had come to know with the women and the drugs.It didn’t take long for it to start to affect my life in negative ways; the lying and the stealing. I did something I am still ashamed of to this day. I stole from my family. I stole the TV , the DVD Player, and money from my mother and I stole time away from my family not being around because I was out getting high or drinking and I can never get that time back. Now that so many of them have passed away, it hurts even more. Yes, I told her and got the stuff  back from the pawn shop, but I hurt my mother so bad and I could see the hurt and disappointment in her eyes, that is what I remember most.

I was able to stop using the crack for a little while from time to time, but I had been going back and forth with the alcohol and doing one instead of the other for the last 25 years. I tried to kill myself 11 times in my life. I jumped from the top of the Skyway Bridge in Tampa. I Jumped off the Miami Causeway Bridge. Crashed my car into a wall at 90 miles an hour in Miami. Drank antifreeze twice as well as overdosed 3 times, cut my wrist, walked out into traffic and was hit by a car. My life was over as far as I could see. The drugs and alcohol had won. I had no life to live.

God said different in the VA in West Palm Beach. The staff asked what was wrong and for the first time in my life, I told them the whole truth; that I had a drug and alcohol problem and that I couldn’t and would not live with that anymore, that I would kill myself before I would have to keep going through the same things over and over again. I told them I was homeless. The use of dope and alcohol kept me from paying any bills at all. I stopped caring for so very long what anyone had to say about me. I felt like the black sheep of the family; that secret that you didn’t want anyone to know about so I just ran as far away from family as I could.

When I told the doctor everything, they asked if I would go into treatment as an inpatient and I said yes. They sent me to Transformations after being in the hospital for 3 weeks and there I learned that I wasn’t alone and that I never had to drink or use again. “One day at a time, just for today,” is what they told me but they showed me that they cared about me and wanted to help me. I think that is what hit me the hardest because a lot of people say they love you and want to help you and that they have your back, but when the staff at Transformations said that to me, they did just that.

They make you do the work. They work with you on the hard stuff you don’t want anyone to know about. They guide you through it step-by-step and I still do it as I did when I was there. I go to meetings 4 or 5 days a week. I call people in my network on a daily basis and I don’t stuff my feelings down. I pray every morning and every night. I do service work. I work steps with my sponsor and grand sponsor. If I wrong someone or get upset with someone, I check myself and make it right as fast as I can and I just do the next right thing. I just trust the process and I haven’t had to give up my clean date. One day at a time. I love Transformations and all the Staff and Alumni.

– Gregory MT

Transformations saved my life and can help you save yours

“My name is Brandon G. I came to Transformations in March of 2016. I was hopeless, lost, and my self esteem was shot. I had nowhere else to turn. I am a recovering alcoholic. My sobriety date is March 26, 2016. I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was the alcoholic that would wait for bars to close, and pull the empty beer cases out of the dumpster, and pour whatever was left inside of every bottle into a coffee mug. Then, drive around already beyond intoxicated, finish the mug off, and find another dumpster to pull cases out of and repeat until I covered the 5 bars in my suburban town. I’m a professional CDL class A truck driver. I haul gasoline in an 18 wheeler for a living. My career came to a point where I drank so much, I figured out where all of the liquor stores were in my area. I would pull my truck around the corner and park. Run to the liquor store and buy 3 to 5 of those little shooters of vodka. I would drink them as my day went on at work. I had to feed my addiction, in order to get through my day until I could get to the bar. I lied, cheated everything for a drink. My day was structured around drinking. I didn’t care if my family had what it needed. I didn’t care if my bills were paid. I didn’t care that my family cried when they couldn’t find me in the street. They would call around to hospitals and the county jail to see if I checked in to either of them…

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Once I became sick of myself, and knew that I was on a path to death. I was at work one day. I called my daughter’s mother and said, I think I need help.  I went on the internet and I did some research and found TTC. I was nervous when I called, but I did it. Within a day I boarded a plane. My daughter who just turned 6 at the time was there along with her mother. My daughter was crying because she didn’t understand. Her mom basically told me, “see ya, I have no heart left for you.” I felt like the worst human being that ever walked the earth. I cried when I got on the plane. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I thought I was leaving my family behind due to my destructive behavior. The one woman that I loved more than anything told me I have no heart for you. Wow.

I got to Florida and headed to detox and I realized it was real. I just wanted to go home worse than anything in the world. I was steadfast on not giving into anyone and I wasn’t going to get broken down. All I was worried about was if my daughter was ok, and if her mom has moved on. On my 4th day, my therapist told me that he had talked to my girlfriend and told her what was going on with me. He said I was quiet, didn’t get to involved in any activities, and didn’t think I knew the seriousness of my disease.

After my 7-day blackout period was up, I got my phone call. Everybody seemed happy, and for the first time in 16 years, my family felt hopeful instead of hopeless. My girlfriend said she was beyond proud of me which made my day. From that point on, I was motivated to learn about addiction. Figure out how to fight it. I went from being the most unmotivated person in TTC, to becoming client of the week. I thrived on something as simple as making people smile. Every morning I’d make my rounds at Villa Delray and asked everyone if they were ok and would ensure them that it only gets better. I was doing everything the therapist told me to do. I became receptive. I realized that my smile and motivation that I lost years prior, could carry me a long way. The techs and therapist noticed and loved my motivation.

The time came for me to leave. It was bittersweet. I didn’t wanna leave florida, but it was time to start my recovery. I woke up the morning, I left at 5 am. I didn’t know until I walked outside my apartment that I would get a send-off like I did. I went from being the guy that didn’t talk to anybody to the motivation, morale lifter of the community. There were clients downstairs shaking my hand, on the walkway upstairs yelling shoutouts to me. Techs came out from everywhere to shake my hand. Even saw a tear or two from techs and clients.

I got back to Pittsburgh and did my IOP (intense outpatient). I returned to work on a stipulation that I had to take two drug tests and a breathalyzer every day, until I graduated from IOP.  My daily schedule was IOP, AA, then off to work. I acquired a sponsor and started my steps immediately. I worked extremely hard and thorough on my steps. I went in front of a priest on my 5th step. I did it all. No half measures. I have 3 sponsees now. I do leads, I go to institutions to speak. I do everything I can to carry the message. Thanks to TTC, I went from a hopeless, unworthy, death-facing alcoholic to a grateful, happy, strong, still motivating alcoholic. My life has changed so much because of TTC giving me the tools I needed to maintain a sober, happy life.

On March 26 2017, I celebrated a year clean and sober. My family and I are doing great. The woman that said she has no heart, loves me more than ever. The little girl that cried when I left, runs and jumps on me when I get off of work. My folks smile and welcome me in their home with open arms. And I’ve received driver of the week at work twice.

TTC saved my life and can help you save yours. Be receptive, get anything and everything you can from the staff there. Don’t lose hope. Stay motivated. Work your steps. Get a sponsor. And become the miracle that you were meant to be.”

– Brandon G.

I was spiritually bankrupt

“At the age of 45, I made a decision to begin anew. The first step was handing over the care of my life to Transformations Treatment Center, that was on 12/1/08. I had no job. No license. No family trust. I was spiritually bankrupt. In eight short years, I am now the marketing director for 11 medical offices. I have my family back. I have a God of my understanding and I’m still sober. I found a fellowship of people that have become instrumental in my journey. I never knew how I would eventually leave this earth. Drug overdose. DTs. Suicide. Now I know exactly how my demise will come. Thank you, Transformations!!!!”

– Cole

My name is Zachary H. and I am an addict.

“My sobriety date is 11/22/12. I am an alumni of transformations and I’m here to tell you how TTC has saved my life. When I first came to Transformations, I was totally broken. I truly felt that I had no soul at all. But that wasn’t the only thing I didn’t have. Along with no soul, came no friends no family and no me, the true me that is. I realized I had nothing else to lose so I finally gave up the fight to survive…

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This was not my first time in treatment, but my first time in a 12 step based program. I always hated AA and NA. I never truly believed I was an addict forever. That soon came to pass as I finally was able to gain an understanding to why I used and how I can’t ever think I can again; that all came to me from the loving and caring hands of the staff at TTC. They provided me with a foundation, then it was up to me to build upon it and that’s exactly what I did. I live a life I am proud of today that my family is proud of. My God has blessed me with not only a second chance at life but a second chance at actually living life the right way.

Anybody can have a second chance at life, but that doesn’t mean we will take that chance and use it for good. I finally have a perspective I have never had before; one that is to not only better for my life with what I’ve learned but to help and save the lives of others. I am truly blessed to be writing this for all of you to read and I hope you enjoyed my brief story. I can only hope and pray that one day I will be reading yours. I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey and to those who never gave up on me along the way.”

– Thanks, Zachary H.

Transformations transformed my life!

“Before I came to treatment I was a lost, broken down girl with no direction. The only way I knew how to cope with life was by using. I became physically and mentally drained. Transformations taught me how to cope with life without using. They got to the core of my issues and helped me understand my addiction! Today I’m able to live a sober life and enjoy all of life’s ups and deal with life’s downs! I’m forever grateful for the staff at transformations!”

– Thank you, Lauren W

Jumpstart Recovery!

“I came to Transformations to get a jumpstart on my recovery and wound up with a little more. I would like to thank the staff for their kindness and friendship that was given. From the time I was picked up at the airport by Sam, she made me feel I had made the correct choice. Sam made me feel that I mattered and everything would be ok if it was up to her. Then came the trip to the center and processing, that went well, and then to my room. My bags were there and my roommate was somebody who I could relate to. Having another man my age was great…

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The next step was meeting my counselor. I have been to counseling before, but her method was much different than others. Shirley had a way of making me look at things in ways I had not before; making me accountable for my recovery. Even from Florida to New Jersey, she made her presence felt. She involved my wife with the process and made her feel more relaxed. I would like to thank her for all she has done.

To all those who had a hand in my stay, I say thank you. It has been 6 months and my recovery is still going strong. I got a coffee maker for my home group, been to the NA world convention, made at least 5 meetings a week, worked my second step ( I am in no hurry). And yes, I have not had any fights (smile) and I wear the piece you gave. I pray that all the young ladies that were in my group with Shirley are doing well and still recovering. May God bless you all.”

– Wade R

Step-by-step, Day-by-day

“Thank you for the follow up call, I welcome the contact as it caught me off guard but helped me to think back where I was two years ago and where I’m at today. The light started to shine within a few days of being at Transformations. The respect from all the staff at all levels was not what I had expected for it was not my first treatment program. The setup of the program helped me to focus on why I was there and provided the tools to work on me and it was what I needed…

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At the time, I didn’t know it. I came out of the program ready to take my life back and give back to family, friends, my job and my community. Please keep me in your call log. I can’t tell you at what point Transformations started to work for me, but at some point when one starts to accept and want the help, you guys were there to give it. My favorite song that I sing to myself often is I’m on the road to recovery, step-by-step, day-by-day, man you gotta love it. GOD BLESS”

– Chris W.

9 Months Ago

“I came to the realization that my life was unmanageable, devoid of hope and that I was killing myself very slowly and painfully. Pride, stubbornness, and fear kept me from getting help for far too long. I could not break the cycle of addiction on my own. I thought I was unique and that no one felt how I felt. Shame and guilt ruled my life…

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When I arrived at Transformations, I thought that if I just stopped drinking and using for 30 days I could stay clean and sober once I got home. Although the first few days at Transformations were difficult and I thought of leaving often, I realized my way of thinking did not work. I had hurt others though I thought I had only been hurting myself. If you can be honest with yourself and those trying to help you, you will be amazed how the fear, guilt and anxiety will begin to melt away.

I would be lying if I told you every moment of every workshop and counseling session was productive and stimulating. I can tell you however that I learned something from each. I learned to take what was useful and leave the rest. Most importantly I learned that without a higher power and complete surrender, there was no hope for me. For that gift, I will be forever grateful to Transformations.”

– Tim J

This is just the beginning

“I arrived in South Florida from New York – a broken heap of shivering skin and bones – frightened wasn’t the word. Just 10 short days before, I agreed with my family and interventionist to go to a detox (and complete it this time), and give rehab a fair and honest chance – it was the one option I hadn’t tried. I didn’t know it at the time, but my life was about to change forever. I was utterly defeated and desperate. I was my own worst enemy. Imprisoned by my ego, the pain was unbearable and life wasn’t worth it, death seemed the only way out…

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Recovery was alien to me, the concepts were meaningless, the language was foreign. People in sobriety were religious crackpots. But what did I have to lose? I already lost almost everything else, so why not. The treatment program and suggestions that TTC outlined to me were simple – not to be mistaken with easy.  I saw the results of the program in fellow clients and staff there. I couldn’t argue it and I had to have what they had.  My mind was sick and suffering and I knew it.  It was time to surrender the nightmare and awaken.

At TTC, I was loved and people believed in me. It’s amazing what a small helping of human connection does for the spirit! By the grace of God, I listened, and for once in my life I didn’t have all the answers. I could admit that I wasn’t perfect and could accept that the world- people, circumstances, and all are exactly as they should be. I could accept myself, and let the healing begin. TTC taught me that it was through grateful eyes that I can see the world for all its beauty. I learned that addiction to substances are but a symptom of a much larger problem, me. They helped me become accountable, and I could sense a higher power working in the lives of the staff. They have a sense of compassion that I’ll forever be grateful for. They introduced me to the fellowship of AA, which I have wholeheartedly embraced as the family of my choosing. A family which has helped me find myself, become closer to God, and become a woman of grace.

Words can’t adequately describe the joy I have.  The world is warm and colorful, there is hope. Today I am blessed. I live in an awesome halfway house in South Florida and I know freedom and happiness beyond imagination. I have serenity and am more concerned with my usefulness to my fellows than with my own selfish ends. There’s an infinite wealth of wisdom and love in the universe that is free for all, provided that you stay honest, don’t drink, drug, or choose to suffer (suffering is a choice!).  I have come to learn this, and become one with humanity through humility and gratitude, with daily step work and practice. You can know this oneness and become whole. It can’t be done alone, so embrace it.  Once you can conquer your ego, you will hear and feel the heartbeat of the universe… and this is just the beginning.”

– Namaste, Veronica E.

I was losing control of my life

“My name is Matt K. and I’m an alcoholic. I started drinking when I was 12. The first time I took a drink was at a party. The minute I tasted it I knew I “loved” it. I drank on and off during my teen years. When I was 21, I started drinking 5-7 nights a week. I never knew I had a problem. To me, it didn’t seem to affect anything. I was able to function…

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I’m originally from San Diego, CA and moved to Omaha, NE in 2010. That was when things got worse. I drank every day no matter what time of day it was. And I started to pick up more because I wasn’t happy with me. It got so bad I was drinking close to a handle a day and at least a 6 pack. During that time, I started showing interest in another girl (I’m married). I was losing control of my life and needed help.

I first went to Transformations in July 2011. I spent a little over 2 months and thought I had a solid game plan when I left. I didn’t attend meetings. I went back to hanging out with the same people. It lasted 6 months. On my 6th month, I relapsed. I thought I would have been able to have one more.

About a week later, I went back to Transformations. February 22, 2012. When I was there I reconnected with God and really got a good grasp about the disease and how to prevent a relapse.

Since leaving Transformations the 2nd time, I have gotten really involved in a church, cut out the bad influences in my life, reconnected with my wife, and learned to love myself. I attended meetings every once and awhile, but got really active in a group at my church for accountability. I am glad I got the fresh start I did.”

– Thanks, Matt K

Great experience overall

“When I came to Transformations, I didn’t know what to expect. Upon arrival, I was greeted by numerous staff members. They all made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. The accommodations were very comfortable and felt like home, unlike my experiences in the past; where I felt like I was living in a hospital. The staff at the property was very accommodating and personable. Also, my therapist at the clinical office was really caring and worked very hard to get me to open up and share my feelings. Great experience overall.”

– Kristy K.

My life was completely and totally unmanageable

“My life went from being the life of the party to being the annoying drunk girl that everyone had to baby sit. I went from being a top executive to an unemployed woman who was fired for nodding off during business meetings. I went from being a suburban wife and mom to totally isolating myself in my room. My life was completely and totally unmanageable. I realized I needed help, and I couldn’t keep going on how I was. That is when, by the grace of God, I was given information on Transformations…

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I was ready and came with an open mind and heart. My counselor worked with my husband and I on rebuilding our relationship and helped me realize who I am truly meant to be and how lovely life is sober. I celebrated my 3 year sober date this year. I have since had a baby girl and facilitate weekly meetings at Celebrate Recovery, which is a Christian-based recovery program. My relationship with my husband is healed and luckily my 6-year-old son has no memory of how I was. I am so grateful for how beautiful and blessed my life is. The promises have come true for me and will for you if you stick with it one day at a time.

– Kristin O

I was in a very dark place

“I was in a very dark place I just lived for that next drink or drug. I had just about lost everything including my family. I thought my only way out was to kill myself. My family told me about TTC so I decided to try it. At first, I just wanted to learn how to not do my drugs of choice and still drink and smoke weed. I realized I couldn’t do anything or it would lead back to my drugs of choice. It happened at an AA meeting they took me to…

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Before then, I watched the clock waiting for the hour to be up. After I listened to every word, I’ve been out of TTC for almost a year tomorrow it will be. I’ve made it through the steps and use them every day. I have a sponsor and sponsees and I love AA. Thank you TTC and everyone that works there. You gave me my life back!”

– John R

Put God first, and your life will change

“I miss all of you. It’s hard to explain how I haven’t used, but I will share one truth with you. Seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all of the other things you need will be given. Learn all you can at transformations, put God first, and your life will change. Thank you Transformations and Mark St Johns for giving me hope. I pray for God’s blessing to pour out on Transformations. My clean date is 2/25/2013.”

– Joe E

I really had no hope left

“I came to Transformations because for me, there was no other option. I had just lost my third job in less than a year. I succeeded in destroying every significant relationship I had and had dropped down to a meager 100 pounds. I hated myself and couldn’t even imagine living without getting high. I really had no hope left. Transformations gave me that hope back. Once the fog lifted, I realized that this was my life and I needed to take it seriously…

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I took full advantage of what Transformations had to offer me. I took notes, read the basic text, and learned from fellow addicts. Upon leaving Transformations, I was already truly a different person, but that was just the beginning! Living clean is such a blessing and I grow as a person every day! The most important gift I received from Transformations is hope and I wish that gift on every person struggling with the pain of addiction.”


– Hailey

Sobering up is one thing, but understanding and being taught about how to handle addiction is what Transformations will teach you.

“Well here’s my story about addiction. I am a recovering alcoholic. I started drinking when I was 14 years old. I was raised around alcohol use and I thought it was the cool thing to do. I drank my way through high school, college, and life basically. I had a career in retail working with a tight group of friends that all drank so no one ever questioned me smelling like booze, only sometimes at work or when I started having physical DTs from not drinking. Y’all who have been there know about the struggle to balance your three jobs: family, work, and booze/drugs. Eventually, all my friends moved onto other jobs and I was left with people I barely knew as co-workers…

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They began to ask questions about the shaking, sweating, work performance, and call ins. On March 19, 2013, after 13 years, I was fired for something that was unrelated to my drinking, but I know in my heart they had enough of me showing up to work hungover or sometimes still drunk. I then checked into a local facility for rehab, which basically just turned out to be a 7 day detox with no treatment at all. So I got out sober and positive, but I had to find a job. The job search went on for 3 months and I had sold almost everything I could just to keep afloat. Oh yeah and I quit going to AA and started drinking again. I finally secured a job, but continued to drink.

In August of 2013, I began to have severe physical effects from drinking. By this time I was drinking almost a half-gallon of vodka a night. My boss offered to put me on FMLA due to my medical problems. I sobered up for a time, but then relapsed. This landed me in the hospital with jaundice, hepatitis, slight kidney failure, and ammonia poisoning. I spent 6 days in the hospital and swore I would never pick up again. Well, that didn’t happen. I was put on FMLA another 3 times and hospitalized 5 times over the next 2 years. My bloodwork came back with a .454 blood alcohol level on the last visit and the doctor seemed confused that I was alive.

I had my doctor tell me that if I didn’t stop drinking I would never see my 40th birthday. You know it’s bad when the nurses remember you and they knew me quite well. Well on my way back from the last hospital visit I stopped by the liquor store and guess what I did? Yup, tore down a bottle of vodka. I woke up the next day with severe pain in my kidneys and liver. This is when I decided to just say “this has to end.” I picked up the phone and called my father and told him I was going to die if we didn’t do anything. This was October 12, 2015, so I’m still drinking at this time. So I’m looking for a rehab facility in South Carolina where a family member had gone to that really worked. Somehow, my google search pulled up Transformations. I called Transformations and arranged everything.

My sobriety date is October 15, 2015. On October 17, 2015, I was on a plane to Fort Lauderdale, FL. I showed up to Summit Detox barely able to walk. I actually don’t think I had eaten in a week at this point. I detoxed in 2 days then I went to Transformations. I went to the Transformations building and got checked in. I did the Christian track program. Everyone there was awesome! Mike was my van driver to the office and that guy is awesome too! I got checked in and taken to the condo location. My condo was nice and actually better than what I was living in at home. My roommate was a cool guy and we got along very well. I still talk to the guy every once and awhile.

The holistic medicine treatment through Transformations was awesome. Dr. Sands rocks and so does his back-cracking skills! I feel my therapist really wanted to find the root of my problem and give me some insight on how to correct problems. Every day we started off with Bible study and a short worship service. The classes I took gave me direction in how to handle addiction and how to prevent relapse. I really enjoyed the whole environment of the Transformations facility.

The activities on the weekends kept me busy. There are also daily activities like AA, NA, Drum Circle, and Sex and Love Addiction meetings. The nursing staff was also amazing. Stephanie was like my mom while I was there. I worked with the nutritionist while I was there because I had so much damage to my body. I learned how to eat healthy since then, and I’ve never felt better.
Transformations also arranged for me to see a Gastroenterologist, Dr. Millgram. He ran every test he could on me to make sure I was gonna make it. Well, obviously I did. I’ve come to feel like Transformations is part of my family, both staff and the fellow members I was with. Without them I would have never made it and I wouldn’t be as strong and healthy as I am now. My sponsor in Florida is still a great contact if I ever feel the need to drink and we talk about once a week.

So…now life has resumed. I lived with my mom after outpatient treatment. Today I have a job, which I love. I’ve gotten an apartment back home. I have a local AA sponsor, which I actually just got. I’ve worked all the steps and I am happy to say that on October 16th, 2016, I hit my one year. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.

To fellow addicts wondering about Transformations, they will save your life, just as they saved mine. Without them I probably wouldn’t be alive. They will give you the knowledge you need to know how to stay sober and clean. Sobering up is one thing, but understanding and being taught about how to handle addiction is what Transformations will teach you. If you are having a problem, call them. Plus, you’ll be 10 minutes away from the beach once you get out!”

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