The Humana military substance abuse assistance programs are here for service members. With Humana, those serving will get help with facing addiction head-on. An individual insured with Humana will likely have access to multiple resources through their plan. Here’s a look at how you can get help for yourself or a loved one as a Humana customer.

About Humana

Humana services many types of customers. Military members make up a large segment of them. If you are in the military and facing addiction, Humana can help. The company focuses on multiple aspects of patient care. But one of their primary focuses is behavioral health.

Humana’s approach to behavioral health is multi-faceted. They offer many online resources that cover important topics. These resources range from informative articles to treatment advice. Humana members also get direct assistance. That means their assistance can help you get back on track.

Behavioral health is one of the company’s specialties. And, they emphasize a few aspects of it. In general, Humana works to help members achieve balance. They have programs and advice to help you manage both behaviors and emotions. They can also guide you to a personalized treatment program.

Does Humana Cover Treatment?

Humana’s plans are able to manage multiple conditions. This includes Substance Use Disorders. Your plan may offer coverage for SUD treatment.

Fortunately, Humana recognizes the impact SUD can have on a person’s life. As such, they also recognize the importance of recovery. Early intervention is their primary focus. But, they also place great importance on long-term treatment.

How Humana Fights Addiction

Substance abuse is complex. It takes courage to admit it. And it takes compassion and patience to treat it. At Transformations Treatment Center, we know how to help people deal with addiction. Fortunately, Humana knows the importance of helping you get the right help.

If you are a Humana member, you are in a good position. This is because you are the member of a company with a strong dedication to treating addiction. Humana openly backs treatment for SUD. This includes opioid misuse, alcohol abuse, and other conditions.

But, we know you need a special approach. As a member of the military, we will go the extra mile to support your recovery. And, Humana will too. Here are some of the ways they support treatment.

  • Intervention. Humana believes prevention is the best approach. Early intervention is the next best thing. When headed down the road to addiction, intense intervention is necessary. Humana can help arrange it.
  • Personalized care. Humana emphasizes taking a personalized approach for each member. A care plan should get tailored to fit your needs.
  • Outreach projects. Unfortunately, substance abuse and treatment for it often carry a stigma. Humana is working to remove this stigma. In turn, they support more people seeking help.

These efforts are helping Humana members every day in their fight against addiction.

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What Programs Does Humana Offer?

Humana works to connect every member with personalized care. They aim to support custom care plans that will best fit each member’s individual needs. As such, your treatment plan may involve a number of approaches.

The plan developed will depend on your addiction and its severity. Multiple professionals will unite to help you.

Humana military substance abuse assistance programs support many specific types of treatment. This includes:

  • Medication assistance. Humana supports curing addiction with the help of medication. If a professional believes this is the best way to go for you, Humana will back it.
  • Humana places great importance on counseling and therapy. Getting to the root of the addiction is critical in permanently treating it.
  • Peer groups. Humana supports members in connecting with others who also suffer from addiction. Hearing their stories and sharing your own can be valuable.
  • Humana supports time-tested “12-step” programs and other fellowships. These programs can help you take a hands-on approach to your recovery.
  • Inpatient Treatment. Humana can assist you with recovery through an inpatient treatment program. These programs offer the highest level of care and assistance to get you back on track.

Figuring out the right type of treatment will take time. Transformations Treatment Center will work with Humana to come up with the right care plan. This will be a plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

Treatment costs will vary depending on your needs. There are really two aspects that will determine what you have to pay. These aspects are your care plan and your coverage. The length and intensity of your treatment will impact its cost. Fortunately, some Humana members might not have to pay anything out of pocket.

With that said, not all Humana plans include Substance Abuse treatment. But, Transformations Treatment Center can work on your behalf to figure out what benefits you have. Once we know your coverage, we can work together to get you into recovery.

Finding a Treatment Center

Choosing a treatment center is the first step in getting help. But many people find insurance coverage too confusing. Don’t allow feeling overwhelmed stand in your way of treatment. Transformations Treatment Center can help you get back on your feet. If you are unfamiliar with your coverage, give us a call.

Our in-house specialist can work with Humana on your behalf to get you into the right treatment program. All it takes is one call to start the process. Call us today at 800-270-4315 for assistance. Visit our website to learn more.

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