Ritalin Withdrawal and Detox

Ritalin Withdrawal and DetoxIf you have an addiction to Ritalin and stop using it, you are likely to experience withdrawal. Stimulant withdrawal can cause you to feel fatigued and depressed. It may cause insomnia or excessive sleeping, and even troubling, very vivid dreams. Withdrawal may make you feel hungry, which can lead to weight gain. Some people feel agitated and restless, while others feel more slowed down and lethargic.1

Detox is the process of going through withdrawal, and it is something you will have to do in order to start treatment and achieve long-term recovery from addiction/stimulants/ritalin-addiction/” title=”Ritalin”>Ritalin addiction. Withdrawal from Ritalin will feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t pose any serious health risks. The biggest danger is that it will make you relapse, so consider undergoing detox with professional supervision.

With professional detox you can get medical care, but more importantly the supervision you need in a safe environment to make sure you don’t go back to drug use. There are no approved medications for treating withdrawal caused by stimulants, but you may be given something to provide short-term relief for anxiety and agitation or depression.

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