Bath Salts Withdrawal and Detox

Bath Salts Withdrawal and DetoxIf you develop an addiction to the synthetic cathinones in bath salts, you can enter a state of withdrawal if you make large, rapid reductions in your level of intake. In addition, people addicted to these chemicals will almost certainly enter withdrawal if they halt their intake all at once. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that anyone withdrawing from bath salts can experience serious forms of symptoms such as muscle tremors, a paranoid state of mind, an anxious or depressed state of mind and sleep disruptions1.

If you attempt to withdrawal alone, you leave yourself susceptible to several harmful or negative consequences. First, without medical oversight, you may have no way of coping with the effects of withdrawal. Not to mention the impact of major complications such as excited delirium, psychosis or rhabdomyolysis. Since synthetic cathinones are potently addictive, you also have a high chance of relapsing if you manage to complete the withdrawal process without assistance. What’s more, if you experience a relapse, you expose yourself to the possibility of a bath salt overdose.

Medical detoxification2 is now the gold standard for people withdrawing from all manner of addictive substances, including synthetic cathinones. A supervised detox program provides the round-the-clock attention needed to diminish the impact of withdrawal symptoms and help you avoid serious complications. This type of program will also provide the oversight needed to control your relapse risks. In addition, people who successfully complete detoxification make excellent candidates for continued recovery in a substance treatment program.

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